DuckTales Episode 6 Review: The House Of The Lucky Gander!

Donald’s pain brings us nothing but joy in this inventive DuckTales outing.

This DuckTales review contains spoilers.

DuckTales Episode 6

I should not find Donald Duck’s pain so amusing. When that machine toppled over and nearly killed him I was dying of laughter. Why is it so funny? Is it Donald’s over the top reaction to everything? Is it a chuckle of sympathy because I know what it’s like to feel like nothing’s going right in your life?

Or maybe I just really enjoy seeing ducks almost murdered. Who knows, I’m a writer. We’re weird.

This weeks episode thankfully brings both Scrooge and Donald back to the forefront after both being absent for several episodes. I know part of that was scheduling but I think the series really benefits from their presence. The kids are fun but it’s nice to have a less wide eyed perspective on the world. Scrooge might be a grand adventurer but he’s old and more than a bit cynical to all the fun taking place at House of the Lucky Fortune.  

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The way David Tennant delivered the line, “you can’t give a child a Tiger, especially this child” should earn that man an award.

Donald on the other hand, and this might be why he’s so funny, gives it his all no matter the situation even if he’s kicking and screaming all the way. There’s nothing below 100% with this guy. He’s just frustrated with life and this episode gives a glimmer of why.

His nephews don’t respect him. Hell, it seems like NO ONE does. Even when he tries his hardest it doesn’t seem good enough. Donald is well into his adult life so of course he’d be fed up with the world. Still, even after all his setbacks he keeps trying despite everything against him. As Louie said, “you never have the common sense to give up before, why not now?”

That’s… really honorable now that I type that out. I’ll still laugh when he sets himself on fire though. 

House of the Lucky Fortune is hands down the most gorgeous location the family has been to yet. The casino/Vegas look inside was eye catching enough (especially that color scheme, marvelous) but when Toad Lui Hai turned into something straight out of a video game (that level would have been called House of Cards Zone and you know it) I was in awe.

The way the cards twisted and turned was not only gorgeous but livened up what could have been just a regular chase sequence. You’d think Donald getting knocked around so much would get old fast but when he’s attacked by flaming playing cards? I don’t think this series will run out of good ideas for quite awhile. All the artists on the series, especially the background artists for this episode, deserve a huge congrats. And a raise.

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Gladstone himself is an excellent foil for Donald and gives us more insight into the family. Where Gladstone’s luck comes from is anyone’s guess but since this series is really leaning into the comedy aspects I won’t look into it too deeply. He and Donald are opposite sides of a coin, one lucky and one unlucky. That’s all I need. Plus it’s great the show is expanding its supporting cast and I’m sure Gladstone will return at some point.

Another strong outing for the series also continues the absurd Launchpad humor. Seriously, what was he doing the whole episode? I NEED TO KNOW. 

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4.5 out of 5