DuckTales Episode 5 Review: Terror of the Terra-Firmians!

A Huey focus episode proves DuckTales can handle adventure and comedy with ease.

This DuckTales review contains spoilers.

DuckTales Episode 5

DuckTales is making a serious case for it being the best mix of comedy and adventure genres ever. One moment this episode has Launchpad seriously thinking he’s a mole person and another the team is desperately trying to survive a crashing train. DuckTales is more than just an adventure show with a few quips, when it wants to be funny it’s genuinely hilarious.

It can also be extremely intense when it needs to be. Take a look at Huey throughout this whole episode. His over reliance on the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook and how it would fail him was easy enough to see coming but his reaction still rang true. He’s afraid of the unknown. It’s a simple emotion that immediately grounds the story. 

It does make me wonder how Huey’s reliance on facts will clash with the kinds of supernatural forces the team will face in the series. He’s not exactly a skeptic in the traditional Scully way but he does need more proof. After awhile won’t he be ready to believe anything? Or will his inclination be more to seek things out to log them in the guidebook? I can’t wait to find out.

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Once again DuckTales is making the case for Webby being the main character, at least the head of the ensemble. Maybe it’s just the airing order but there hasn’t been an episode yet where she hasn’t played a major role. I’m glad the show is doubling down on her view of the world because I was worried before the show premiered we’d be getting more of the boys. Thankfully the inclusion of Lena and her importance to what looks to be a major arc assures Webby will have even more to do in the episodes to come.

Speaking of, I’m glad Lena had a little time on her this week with Beakley. She’s not just a character in Webby’s orbit, she’s got a story of her own to tell. What this mystery is around Magica De Spell I don’t know but I’ll take the slow burn on it for now. Also, Catherine Tate as Magica De Spell. Hot damn. Her voice was chilling in that part. What will happen when she actually escapes Lena’s necklace or whatever will eventually happen. That’ll be a performance for the ages.

After a few episodes I’m glad to see Launchpad back. His shtick of crashing things could become overused but his superstition about mole people being taken so far was right on the mark. It escalated in the perfect way, to the point he genuinely believed he and Dewey were actual mole people. I adore how simple Launchpad is. Maybe there’s a deep complicated backstory in how somewhere but if this is all we get with the guy I’m totally fine.

The reveal of what the Terra-Firmians actually looked like was totally unexpected. They had me fooled! But the fact they’re adorable Disney looking creatures just fit so perfectly. Excellent gag. DuckTales is so great, guys. I dread when it eventually takes a break from airing. My life wont’ be as complete.

DuckTales Quotes To Make Your Life Better

– “That’s exactly what the sheriff told those reckless teens!”

– “That’s what they want you to think.”“Who’s they?”“Exactly.”

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– “I’m totally going to sacrifice myself in the name of the rebellion!”

– “MANCHILD! …One monster at a time.”

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4.5 out of 5