DuckTales Episode 4 Review: The Beagle Birthday Massacre!

Webby is shaping up to be DuckTales' main character and we're really excited about that.

This DuckTales review contains spoilers.

DuckTales Episode 4

Is Webby the main POV character for the new DuckTales? I only wonder because in the four episodes that have aired she’s had a big part in all of them. I know part of that is due to the fact an early Huey centric episode was bumped to later in the run but I’m 100% fine with it.

After all, like much of the kid audience, she’s the one who has to learn about not only all of these characters but the entire DuckTales world. Of course she should be the POV character! Why wouldn’t you want a Kate Micucci voiced character to be the focus of your show? 

Much like in episode two Webby’s awkwardness is painfully real, although this time around she’s left to form a new relationship all alone. I love Lena and how much she contrasts with Webby. They’re both different enough to play off each other well while still seeming friendly. The way their relationship evolves over the episode is especially well handled, with Webby slowly feeling more and more comfortable around her. I’m quite glad the creative team is adding more women to DuckTales because even with the increased focused on Webby the whole series was feeling pretty guy heavy.

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With that reveal at the end I wonder how much of Lena’s animosity towards family is real or was just a show for Webby. I hope it’s the former because that would make a perfect contrast to how the rest of the series is so family centric. Let’s see how a kid doesn’t like their family! I mean hell, if Magica De Spell was your aunt you might have a few family issues to.

Yeah, that was one hell of a reveal right? Even if you aren’t a classic DuckTales fan it opens up all kinds of possibilties both for Lena and Webby. The DuckTales creative team is doing a wonderful job seeding in so many elements while still making these early episodes fun in their own right. Too often in action adventure series the set up can be kind of boring or meh but that isn’t the case with DuckTales. While the Beagle Boys antics weren’t quite as solid this time around (there were almost too many Beagle Boys to really let any of their jokes land) there was one gag that I couldn’t get enough of.

When Lena taunts the Longboard Taquitos and they board on over I thought to myself, “Oh, okay. 90’s skateboard joke. Out of date much?” Then BOOM. They have flying squirrel suits. Not the most laugh out loud gag but a nice update to the skater bro trope.

While we didn’t see much of the triplets this episode anytime they were on screen was perfect. Louie getting carried away by seagulls in the background of a shot was the perfect gag. On the more serious side, when Duey and Louie were starting to fight and Huey went to break them up that said a lot about his character without needing to say a thing.

While Donald isn’t around it looks like Huey takes charge of the other three brothers, which is another great way of the three triplets being differentiated from each other. I hope we get to see more of Huey soon because I can never get enough of Danny Pudi’s vocal talents. 

To end this review, can I just say I adore anytime the characters shout in this show? Anytime they do it’s at the exact right moment. Some examples include,

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4 out of 5