DuckTales Episode 3 Review: The Great Dime Chase!

DuckTales takes plots that should be simple and routine and elevates them to new and hilarious heights.

This DuckTales review contains spoilers.

DuckTales Episode 3

More and more I’m delighted by DuckTales commitment to telling character based stories. We not only get Dewey learning more about his mom (so thankfully they aren’t dragging that story out) but just a really funny A plot with Louie desperately trying to get back Scrooge’s dime.

On the surface it’s simple but it’s milked for its full comedic potential. Louie’s lazy so Scrooge brings him to work. He spends Scrooge’s lucky dime and needs to get back. On paper any show could do a plot like that but DuckTales takes every opportunity to cram visual jokes and one-liners into the mix. Gyro Gearloose monologing about wanting revenge is so funny because Scrooge directly comments on it. DuckTales knows the way these sorts of scenes go and plays with it. You can tell everyone on this show not only loves the original DuckTales (having Gyro back is great) but they’re just genre shavy to. It’s amazing.

Even the resolution with Gyro needing to switch out the bulb to a lower wattage because Lil’ Bulb has “gone mad with power” is incredibly hilarious. It’s so clever yet so simple.  I’m not quite sure Louie actually learned anything but hey, we can’t have huge character development every episode. We’re still very early in the series so an episode like this does a lot of work to solidify the characters who didn’t get as much to do in the opening episode.

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Meanwhile in the Dewey/Webby plot we get some more plot relevant information about the triplets mom. It isn’t much, but at least it gives them a direction to head in. I loved the madcap chase through the library. It was just so off the wall and crazy but in the end it totally worked. The frantic pace of both plots work to really keep your heart pumping while still pausing to get some great jokes in. I’d list them all but we’d be here awhile I’ll go with this gem from Quackfaster. 

“How much of this is us doing your work for you?”“About 50 percent.”

Genius. The show also quickly addresses why the hell Scrooge would keep these people around and it’s pretty straightforward. He’s afraid of them taking revenge! Brilliant, hilarious, and again winks at how these sorts of things aren’t usually explained in shows such as this.

You know we also keep hearing about possible curses and spells used against Scrooge and I’m very interested in seeing if that will pay off down the line. Scrooge has amassed a lot of enemies and I wonder just how many might play into his past.

This was another strong outing for DuckTales. The show has had three solid episodes in a row so it’s no fluke. The new DuckTales will legit make you go, “woo-oo!”

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5 out of 5