DuckTales Episode 2 Review: Daytrip of Doom!

The new DuckTales works so well because its characters can make any situation hilarious and heartfelt.

This DuckTales review contains spoilers.

DuckTales Episode 2

Webby is the greatest character to befall television in 2017. I know we’re only two episodes into DuckTales but “Daytrip of Doom” uses every moment she’s on screen to just make you love her. Haven’t we all felt like Webby at some point in our lives? Not exactly sure how to handle a social situation? Desperately trying to overcompensate to disguise your insecurities?

The whole sequence of her bouncing around the bus was so perfect not just because it’s funny but because it’s all born out of something kind of sad about Webby. She’s never really seen the outside world. Thankfully the show doesn’t turn this into an angst fest but it does make all the scenes have a great deal of heart as well as laughs. 

DuckTales is living up to its promise of being a show about families. Webby is trying to fit in but, as she learns, she doesn’t need to change who she is. Yeah, both her and the triplets need to adjust a bit but they don’t have to hide parts of themselves.

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The same thing holds true for Donald and Mrs. Beakley, although those two arrive at that conclusion with a bit more work. Seeing Donald attempt to hook up all those generators on his boat is the kind of visual gag humor that all shows should aspire to. It does so much without needing to say a word. Donald’s over the top anger is the definition of classic comedy and this new series has already captured it perfectly.

Mrs. Beakley, who didn’t get a lot to do in the pilot, now finally gets a real chance to shine and of course she’s brilliant. No wonder she’s a spy, she can handle all that pressure without totally cracking!

Everything about this show is on point. The introduction of the Beagle Boys contains just enough information without getting bogged down in exposition. The casual way they address that armored car driver is not only a great gag but says everything you need to know about them.

While the opening special really showed off the globe trotting aspect of DuckTales, I’m glad this episode really pulled back on it. It’s nice to know the series can pull of a more mundane (for DuckTales anyway) kind of episode so early on. We don’t need any magic curses, plane crashes, or huge adventure to have a great time.

This is all thanks to the characters who already feel so lived in. Part of that credit of course goes to the writers and animators but those actors sell each and every line.

Not only is Kate Micucci astounding as Webby, everyone else in the cast is on top form. I know there had been some complaints about the triplets all sounding like adults but I have zero problem with it. These guys are hilarious! Dewey instructing Webby how to play a video game instrument was comedic gold. 

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Nothing will beat Scrooge replacing the cucumbers on his face with coins. So simple yet so perfect. Also great to see some hints dropped at Mrs. Beakley’s background. I hope her and Donald get to work more together because they’re already a great pair. 

DuckTales doesn’t lose any ground in its second episode and proves just how talented everyone involved with it is. This series is going to be a real winner.

Also, did you catch Webby taking along “The Art of War” in her bag? HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HER? WEBBY IS LIFE.

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5 out of 5