DuckTales Episode 14 Review: JAW$!

We salute the animation team of DuckTales for an episode that features some of the series' most distinct sequences yet.

This DuckTales review contains spoilers.

DuckTales Episode 14

I have to give MAJOR props to the DuckTales animation team. I’ve praised them before but this week they really knocked it out of the park. When you have an episode focusing on the entire main cast it’s hard to give characters moments to stand out. Let me tell you though, I will never forget Scrooge’s pained expressions while being interviewed.

Every moment of holding back his rage or keeping in check his fierce desire to just destroy everyone touching his money was pure (pun intended) gold. It takes a lot to get that level of expressiveness out of animation. Fans will usually praise the voice acting and of course David Tennant is amazing but the animation team adds a whole level of character that not even the writing can fully convey.

It’s one thing to write “Scrooge is frustrated and wants to scream” but it’s another to add every little eyebrow twitch. It takes lighting precision for this to land, especially in a series that’s as much an adventure as comedy. Animating a giant money bin shark is one thing but to get comedic timing down in animation? Boy, that’s a skill we don’t sing the praises of enough.

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I also loved the darker look of the episode. Not in a 90’s grim dark comic book style, but that so much of the frame (especially in Scrooge’s money bin) was just pure blackness. It really changed up the look of locations we’ve become pretty familiar with.

Isn’t it also delightful whenever DuckTales does an episode centered on the full cast? I love a good focus episode but come on; this is a show about a family and seeing them in these deadly situations bouncing off each other? That’s what I live for! It even got Beakley in on the action. More of her, DuckTales, please.

The Lena plot was also solid but I was mostly there for Magica cackling maniacally. Catherine Tate is amazing but again, the way the animators made that shadow come to life was unparalleled. You can’t even see Magica’s whole face and it was still expressive beyond belief.

I’m not an animation expert by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t have the vocabulary to properly discuss how and why the animation in this episode was so effective. But let it be known, DuckTales animation team. I salute you.

DuckTales Quotes To Make Your Life Better 

– “Good news, Mister McD. The beanstalk missed the orphanage!”

– “Could you TRY to care about our centuries old blood feud?”

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– “Aww, so long future ineheritance.”

– “That monster has a name! Show Tiffany some respect!”

– “Ahhhh! Dewey’s brothers!”

– “We can’t all afford top hats!”

– “Oh no you don’t, you predatory piggy bank!”

Shamus Kelley is a pop culture/television writer and official Power Rangers expert. Launchpad’s friendship love for Dewey is the purest thing on Earth. Follow him on Twitter!  

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4 out of 5