Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 Review: Showdown! The Miraculous Power Of Unyielding Warriors

Ladies and gentlemen, Vegito has entered the building and Dragon Ball Super is ready to pull out all the stops to take down Fused Zamasu!

This Dragon Ball Super review contains spoilers.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 66

“Aren’t you supposed to be immortal?”

Expectations are a tricky thing. In a lot of ways Dragon Ball Super’s entire existence plays into fan culture and wanting to give the audience what they want. Fans had been clamoring for a new Dragon Ball series for literally decades and so while they got what they wanted here, it can be difficult when a series plays into the expectations of fans and then suddenly goes astray. Dragon Ball fans are vocal about their opinions and while the series has largely played it safe with the resolutions of its big battles, it’s taken some interesting detours as of late. The Evil Containment Wave was set up as Zamasu’s defeat to end up being inconsequential in the larger scheme of things. Furthermore, this episode certainly leads the audience to believe that Fused Zamasu will be defeated by a particular character, only for the story to once again defy expectations and take an unpredictable turn.

This conclusion is bound to frustrate some people, but to me it feels like the perfect resolution to this unbelievable fight.

“The Miraculous Power Of Unyielding Warriors” begins with the Earth in peril as Fused Zamasu’s world-ending attack clashes with Goku’s powerful (albeit overused) Kamehameha. Goku’s blast unsurprisingly defuses Zamasu’s attack, but it leaves the Saiyan completely exhausted. Impressively, the maneuver appears to have also injured Zamasu a little bit, but it still doesn’t seem like any damage that he takes will be permanent until a better strategy is found. For a brief moment Goku’s able to Kaio-Ken himself away from Zamasu as he attempts to strangle him to death, but after playing the defensive for a little longer his body becomes totally useless. At this point Goku is out of options and he really doesn’t know what else can be done. Well, there’s really just one thing that can be done and it involves ugly chunky jewelry and begins with an F- and ends with a –USION. That’s right, it’s finally time for Super Saiyan Blue Vegito, ladies and gentlemen.

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As a result of Fused Zamasu not quite healing properly from the severe attacks that he takes this time around, Supreme Kai speculates that maybe this version of the villain isn’t immortal. Since half of the fused parties were mortal, maybe that bungles the whole package. Or maybe Zamasu is in an even more inconvenient situation where simply half of his body is dead and useless while the other half is immortal and lives on to fight for a little longer. It makes for an interesting development and the first real sign of a weakness, but I still think that the Evil Containment Wave would have been a better resolution here.

But in the end, perhaps it’s better that the Mafuba doesn’t work because the gang takes advantage of this moment of weakness and finally put fusion back on the table after so much denial. Believe it or not, Vegeta is still against the idea, but once Supreme Kai explains that a Potara Earring fusion that doesn’t involve a Kai will only last for one hour, so Vegeta bites the bullet and allows himself to once again share a body with his biggest frenemy. Not only is Vegito reborn once more, but the ultra-powerful fused warrior doesn’t want to waste a single minute of his hour-long time limit and turns into “Vegito Blue” almost immediately.

Vegito Blue’s appearance is particularly painful because although he does get the upper hand on Fused Zamasu, his skills cause Zamasu’s anger to mutate him in a way that would make William Birkin from Resident Evil 2 proud. It’s also a little surprising to see Zamasu get so emotional during his send-off and that he even cries over his inability to complete his Zero Mortal Plan. He does get a little melodramatic though and lines like “The world will be purified by my tears,” is a little much. Through all of this Vegito Blue makes his presence known, but because the depths of Super Saiyan Blue are such a strain, the fusion’s one-hour time limit runs out considerably sooner. There’s only like six freaking minutes of Vegito in this! Then things are back to exactly how they were before, except Zamasu is even stronger now.

You’ve got to hand it to Dragon Ball Super for not milking this opportunity and even though some seem to think the Goku Black/Zamasu fight has stalled at times, there has always been a fresh element that gets added in each episode that makes the fight more complicated. So Dragon Ball Super reluctantly gives its audience its long overdue return to Vegito, but they take it away almost immediately. That being said, every second with the character is fantastic. It’s exactly as suspenseful and exciting as it should be. It might sting pretty hard, but this blow is a little less painful considering it’s Future Trunks who gets to save the day and be the hero here. Future Trunks becomes inspired by Future Mai and somehow repairs his broken sword with his overwhelming strength. This strange moment is forgivable because what follows is some very excellent sword fighting and then Future Trunks collects everyone’s energy on the planet and essentially performs a Spirit Bomb that he then channels into his sword. Trunks then uses this ultra-powered blade to premanently slice Fused Zamasu in half. Big Bad defeated. If you squint real hard it almost looks like a fight between Link and Ganondorf.

It actually makes a lot of sense that Trunks is the one that ends this fight. This is his timeline that’s been devastated and this has always gone back to him. Back in Dragon Ball Z‘s Cell Saga, it’s a deeply important moment when Gohan defeats Cell, but it would have provided a very different catharsis if Future Trunks was the one who killed Cell. That’s what gets to happen here and it’s the confirmation that the audience has needed that Future Trunks is still the coolest character that’s in the show.

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The episode goes on out on the powerful note of Future Trunks’ surprise victory, but the clips for the following episode imply that Zamasu might not be completely out of the picture. He appears to have set up a self-destruct sequence of sorts that will consume the next installment, so while the danger isn’t completely over, Zamasu’s corporeal form is at least out of the picture.

“The Miraculous Power Of Unyielding Warriors” is an absolute triumph that “concludes” a strong story arc in an unexpected way. There’s still the aftermath of this ending to consider, but the rest of this makes for a strong way to resolve the Goku Black and Zamasu material. Vegito’s appearance might be utterly wasted here, but after the show has teased the return of fusion for so long, it is nice to get a little bit of it, even if it plays more as fan service than a plot device. It’s at least better than Yajirobe jumping in to distract Zamasu and save the day.

Get ready to sift through the rubble next week and see what can be salvaged of Future Trunks’ present.


4.5 out of 5