Dragon Ball Super Episode 55 Review: I’d Like to See Goku, You See – A Summons From Grand Zeno!

Goku plays games with the strongest being in all of existence as Zamasu continues to struggle with moral relativism.

This Dragon Ball Super review contains spoilers.

Dragon Ball Super: Episode 55

“I’m saying that the fate of the entire universe rests on your attitude!”

The Dragon Ball  series has a history of making a meal out of meetings between its super powered characters. The stakes and expectations involved with these highly anticipated encounters can lead to some of the most memorable showdowns and interactions throughout the franchise, but Dragon Ball is also a vehicle that is not above milking such gatherings and can turn a face-to-face encounter into a multi-episode ordeal. “I’d Like to See Goku, You See” is an episode that’s all about such a get-together between two individuals, but while the majority of this episode is concerned with worrying about this event, it turns out to be an incredibly casual affair. Leave it to the King of Everything to be one for low-key hangs.

Dragon Ball Super kicks off from the previous episode’s cliffhanger of sorts. Grand King Zeno wants to have a meeting of the minds with Goku and even though Beerus and Whis acquiesce to Zeno’s request, it’s with extreme reluctance. Goku isn’t exactly known for his good manners and etiquette and Zeno is so stupidly powerful that they’re extremely worried that any time that Goku misspeaks while around Zeno means that their universe is in jeopardy of eradication. It was only last episode that Goku acted like a fool around Gowasu and Zamasu and the stakes were considerably smaller in that situation. Basically, Beerus and Whis have good reason to panic here, but they can’t exactly refuse this request from the all-powerful creator. On top of all of that, these guys are about to pull off a highly volatile time travel mission that Zeno would surely frown upon, so there’s the added risk that Goku might blab about that, too.

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Goku all gets a little antsy over this when he learns that the journey to reach Grand Zeno will take two days. Goku and company are ready to roll with their surprise attack on Goku Black, so an unexpected detour like this is the last thing that he needs. Thankfully, the show doesn’t manipulate its audience and devote two or three episodes on Goku’s journey to reach the King of All. Apparently, Supreme Kais are able to transport people to the King of All in mere seconds, so both Goku and the viewers are spared a lengthy, needless trip through space and time. Make no mistake, this does play as filler-esque material, but it could be much worse and the series definitely shows some restraint here. Besides, there is more to this episode than simply Goku’s lackluster meeting with Zeno.

For instance, there are also further developments between Zamasu and Gowasu as they continue to watch over Planet Babari in Universe 10. The last time that the series checked in with these two Zamasu seemed more than ready to cross boundaries that he shouldn’t, but his struggle is in even greater jeopardy now. Zamasu straight up kills one of the Babari after they attempt to attack him, which is completely off bounds behavior for Supreme Kais.

This acts as a pretty big red flag to Gowasu who becomes increasingly perceptive to the slippery slope that Zamasu is on. Gowasu falls back on the principle that Kais must maintain the balance between good and evil, while Zamasu insists that the only way to achieve such a balance is by eliminating all of the flawed mortals. Gowasu highlights the point that the mortal that Zamasu executed could have eventually grown to do something incredible with their life.

Another telling scene sees a vengeful Zamasu surrounded with rose petals in a way that’s eerily reminiscent of Goku Black’s style and energy. This seems to be the confirmation that Zamasu’s decline into villainy is only a matter of time now. Gowasu does a commendable job at talking Zamasu down from his superior, destructive attitude. He’s stuck in a particularly difficult situation where he doesn’t want to condescend towards his pupil, but he also knows how quickly he is losing him.

The effects and color palette that are used for Zamasu and Gowasu’s attacks and time manipulation of the Babari are also some beautiful pieces of animation. Dragon Ball Super has found success with how different it’s made its twelve universes, but new techniques from powerful individuals like this also continue to impress in the animation department. It also may just be me, but I’m officially into the idea of a one-off special, three-episode OVA series, or a one-shot manga that just chronicles the Babari’s life for a few hundred or thousand years. Let’s make that prequel happen, people!

The Supreme Kai also serves several purposes with his appearance in this episode. He plays an important role in transportation, but there’s also a bombshell that gets dropped that each universe’s God of Destruction and Supreme Kai are a “set,” so to speak. If one dies, then the other also perishes. This seems like an extreme risk for the Gods of Destruction, as Supreme Kais aren’t exactly powerhouses. Majin Vegeta errantly almost destroys Supreme Kai back in Dragon Ball Z, which apparently means that Beerus never would have visited and become an ally if Vegeta finished the job all those years back.

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It will be interesting to see just how much Dragon Ball Super  uses this piece of information about the link between the universes’ guardians, but it’s still fascinating food for thought, even if it fails to ever become a major plot point. For what it’s worth, Whis also reveals that the High Priests that work alongside Zeno are one of the five strongest individuals in existence. So you just know that Goku is mentally adding them to his “must fight” list. This is also a really fantastic Supreme Kai episode in general. He gets put through the wringer more than anyone else in this one and who’d have thought that he’d make such a good punching bag? He and Vegeta need to immediately have a comedic throwaway episode where they’re both the persistent butt of jokes.

The risky combination of putting Goku and Grand Zeno in the same room together finally comes to fruition and the results are simultaneously underwhelming and also a little heartbreaking. Goku’s initial prediction is that the King of All wants to see him in regard to the tournament between all twelve universes that he brought up during their last encounter. However, that’s not what’s going on here.

Zeno doesn’t have some sort of dire, important mission for Goku. The all-powerful individual is simply bored and has no one to play with or an outlet for his rambunctious impulses. Zeno is so revered and important that he doesn’t have anyone on his level. That being said, Zeno’s child-like nature fits together with Goku’s innocence rather perfectly. These two can be blissfully ignorant together and it’s pretty damn cute. Sarah Wiedenheft really nails Zeno’s innocent demeanor while being careful to not overdo it.

Unfortunately, Goku can’t spend the rest of his life just playing games with Zeno, so instead he vows to eventually find him some friends to fill his place. None of this is exactly important, but it’s still nice to get a little more background information on this character that should be incredibly important in the greater scope of the series. Plus, this all ends with Zeno giving Goku an emergency button that will summon Zeno if Goku’s ever in an impossible situation and needs his help. Gee, I wonder if this will ever come up to save the day at the very last minute or if Goku will just stuff it in his gi and forget about it?

“I’d Like to See Goku, You See” acts like it’s important, but it’s ultimately a pretty uneventful installment. The episode’s humor certainly connects and the continuing saga of Zamasu and Gowasu is still enlightening, but the entry flies by and is over before it really begins. It definitely feels like a C-story back on Earth could have been fit into this episode with little consequence. In spite of the episode’s faults, it does set up the next few episodes very nicely and it’s never not an entertaining installment of the series.

In the episode’s final moments, Goku and company squish into the freshly repaired time machine and finally bring the battle over to Goku Black in his bleak timeline. The group might set off on this journey with cautious optimism, but within moments of their arrival they’re already under attack. And from the resistance fighters, no less! Apparently looking identical to the dark tyrant that’s ruined this universe is akin to wearing a huge target on your back.

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They better figure this one out quickly because the tea in Universe 10 looks awfully murky lately…


3 out of 5