Dragon Ball Super Episode 10 Review: Show Us, Goku! The Power of a Super Saiyan God!

Goku tries to adapt to his new strength while going head-to-head with Beerus in the latest Dragon Ball Super.

This Dragon Ball Super review contains spoilers.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 10

“So this is a ‘Super Saiyan God’…”

Finally, right guys? After Beerus’ long, draining search, the show is finally in Super Saiyan God territory. More importantly this means that the colossal fight that’s been teased since the show’s start can finally get underway.

Only it’s not quite so simple.

Last episode saw Goku reaching the status of Super Saiyan God, but this week is basically all about Goku coping with that new-found strength and figuring out how to acclimate to it all. Yes, he has obtained a new form of immeasurable power, the only problem is that Goku doesn’t know how to properly tap into it yet. The Saiyan is literally moving too fast for himself now, unable to keep up with his own body. Beerus’ approach to this is somewhat charming, as he spends the episode trying to coax out Goku’s full potential and conjure out the formidable warrior that’s hiding inside him.

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One could picture some alternate scenario where Beerus takes an approach like this to train Goku into becoming a fellow God of Destruction, which is actually a rather interesting idea. So a lot of this entry plays out with scenes where Goku is like, “All right, let’s see how strong a Kamehameha of mine is now…” With Beerus egging him on and being all, “Give it a shot. Hopefully you won’t split the planet in half in the process…”

This results in this feeling like a rather unnecessary installment, yet at the same time, it does manage to be pretty damn exciting playing around with a new Super Saiyan transformation. So while Goku’s new red-tinted Super Saiyan God form does get widely shown off in this episode, it’s clear that next week is when the real battle between these gods is going to begin. By the end of this offering Goku seems to have acclimated to his new powers and finally has better control of himself. Could this troubleshooting portion of things have taken up a single act of the episode instead of the whole thing? Absolutely, but slowly rolling into a new power is sort of Dragon Ball’s style. The show wants you to get comfortable with this new form just like it needs Goku to do the same.

Just how strong Goku is now is left a bit of a mystery. Whis explains that humans aren’t able to sense the power levels of Gods, meaning Goku is just coming off as a blank slate to everyone at the moment. That still doesn’t keep Vegeta from smoldering in the corner being bitter about Goku now being on the same playing field as deities (although that moment when he smiles once Goku finally lands a hit on Beerus is pretty wonderful). The episode also throws in a few comedic moments with King Kai and Pilaf’s gang for good measure, but they don’t end up amounting to much. Still, it’s nice to get reminders that these characters are still floating around in the background of this huge battle.

In a similar sense, Piccolo and Krillin provide color commentary of sorts on Goku’s battle. In another effective moment of badassery, as everyone else struggles to comprehend Goku and Whis’ movements—some of them even getting into a spaceship in order to get a better view—Vegeta stands still, arms crossed, as he watches the fight from below. These episodes have taken up an unusual structure where a lot of the cast have been rendered into spectators. That can sometimes be hard material to make interesting, but the moments where Vegeta is providing conjecture always manage to connect.

Thankfully the entire episode isn’t a tease, with Goku and Beerus getting around to the beginning of their fight, even if it is considerably one-sided and still something of an “exercise.” The episode ends on a promising note that lets you know that next week’s installment is going to be the satisfying follow-through of this warm-up. Hopefully the Earth will be able to withstand the punishment.

Also, isn’t it crazy that like most of this season has taken place on a cruise ship?

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2.5 out of 5