Downton Abbey: Season 5 Episode 6 Review

On last night's Downton Abbey; Lady Mary chops off her hair and Lady Edith chops down the door keeping her away from her daughter, Marigold.

Everyone who lives upstairs was pretty much unbearable in this week’s episode, leaving room in our hearts for even more compassion for Thomas and his internal demons, Daisy and her aspirations, and Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes feelings for one another.

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Edith gets confirmation that her beloved Mr. Gregson was killed, and this sends her into a deeper depression than she’s been all season. Her family continues to carry on per usual, with nothing more than feeling slightly sorry for her, which isn’t helpful to anyone. So Edith does what any educated mother would do. She plans to take this loneliness and despair out on the only innocent one left; her daughter Marigold.


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The Dowager Countess drinking in Prince Igor’s bedroom was my favorite scene of the night, hands down. She seemed to hold onto that glass for dear life, for fear of what she might do with her hands if they were available. She also had the best comeback of the night when Igor tells her; “I wanted you from the first moment I saw you, more than mortal man ever wanted woman.” A different character on this show would have said something like “my my, you flatter me so” but everyone’s favorite Snark Shark gets to say “that’s a historical detail.” 


After marching into the Drewe’s to rip her daughter away from a warm family with siblings and two parents, Edith and Marigold find themselves in some random hotel away from any support system. Good plan, E! 


  • I was so embarrassed for Mary’s haircut reveal party that I was almost grateful Mopey Edith reminded everyone that she’s a party pooper who isn’t necessarily invited but always there regardless. Mary, have a little pride. And compassion.
  • Happy to see Mable Lane Fox again. Can the Grantham’s just adopt her? She looks about Edith’s size.
  • When does side-saddle stop existing? That can’t be comfortable. Or good for your back.

I give this episode 3 out of 5 stars. I’m pissed they won’t give up this Bates the murderer storyline when there are so many other interesting things going on downstairs. I was happy Molesly was given something to do this week other than being a whipping boy, and I was also happy Carson finally stepped his game up a bit in regards to Mrs. Hughes. Mary continues to be a delightful bitch playing awful games with grown men’s hearts for her own amusement, while her father continues to be a whiny baby about Cora’s non-boyfriend. Anyone want to take bets on how often the word Marigold will be said in next week’s episode?  

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3 out of 5