Doctor Who: The Lodger – your verdict

A round-up of your thoughts on the latest episode of Doctor Who, The Lodger. Here’s what you’ve been saying…

Scheduled somewhere around the football, last weekend’s instalment of Doctor Who was the last before the big finale two parter kicks in. So, what did you all make of it? As usual, you’ve been adding your comments since the episode broadcast, and we figured it was long overdue us doing a round-up of them. Without further ado…


I shunned the football to watch this episode and im glad I did, wasn’t brilliant mind you but good enough.


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I was laidback through the entire episode until all of a sudden another TARDIS appeared (looking more like Dalek style then Time Lord) and I was drawn to the screen like Sophie and the Doctor were drawn to the engine. That could’ve been mindblowing. That could’ve been a second ‘Utopia’ with the appearance of another Time Lord, but instead we got this creepy computer and hologram trying to fix the ship.


Smith entirely outshone Corden, still surprising us with new turns in his performance. Corden wasn’t too bad, but it’s just easy to overlook him, I think.


I think the two previous actors were miscast in the role and I can understand why Moffat refers to his tenure as ‘Series 1’. I can’t imagine who was trying to build a Tardis, but it was probably a time-lord of old who died, leaving the holograms to continue on. The trailer for next week looks great. Overall, this is my favourite series yet.


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I really did not like this episode at all. The plot elements could all have been contained in the trailer there were so few of them. I thought most of the “comedy” was cringeworthy. Give me Love and Monsters anyday over this!


Good solid episode, enjoyed it and did find it brilliantly funny and entertaining at seeing Smith’s Doctor being so awkward and not fitting in, and his general crazy, geeky and unbalanced persona which seems to be the Doctor’s way now


I just watched it again in case I was missing something and doing it a disservice. But no, it was as bad as my first viewing… This series seems to be splitting fans right down the middle: normally I’d think that was a good thing. I like something with an edge. But unfortunately (for me) I’m on the side of those who are finding it mediocre at best, and I’m not enjoying that. What I can’t fathom is why anyone would give this dire episode a thumbs-up. The only thing I gained from a repeat viewing was a greater awareness of the gaping plot-holes. To my mind, it was the worst episode so far


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On the whole, not great but better than expected and to be fair a surprisingly good script from Gareth Roberts who hadn’t impressed me at all in the RTD era, maybe Steven Moffat managed to reign in Roberts excesses and annoying in-jokes.That said, it was nice to see the nod to Van Gogh on the fridge! Frankly, Corden’s role could have been taken by anyone with an equity card but you can’t have everything…


First episode this series that I’ve actively disliked. I was prepared for Corden to do his ‘little boy voice from big body’ act, but it was the football that really did it. Back when I was a little runt with no coordination whatsoever, Who gave me hope that it didn’t matter if you were picked last in PE – other, non-physical stuff could make up for that. Can’t help feeling ever so slightly miffed that our hero turns out to be brilliant at sodding football after all. Oh, the betrayal!


Come back Russell T Davies. Moffatt has ruined the show. There’s not one episode so far I would rewatch. There’s a saying ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Now all I want to do is nut Moffatt really hard so I can get my point across to him.


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Another bad trailer leads to a pretty good episode. Nothing classic, but lots of fun

Keep your thoughts coming: the general consensus on The Lodger appears to be that many of you weren’t expecting too much from it, but were pleased with what you got.

Roll on The Pandorica Opens at the weekend, then…