Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks Holiday Special Confirmed

The Doctor and her fam will be back for a one-off extended special featuring the return of the Daleks on Christmas 2020 or New Year 2021…

Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks
Photo: BBC

Series 13 may be a long way off yet (an educated guess would place its arrival in late 2021), but Doctor Who will return sooner than that. As teased at the very end of the series 12 finale, “The Timeless Children,” the next episode will be a one-off special due to air this Christmas or New Year 2021. 

Entitled “Revolution of the Daleks,” the extended episode will see the Doctor once again go up against the mutant abominations. The race of foes last appeared in New Year’s Day 2019 special “Resolution,” which featured guest star Charlotte Ritchie possessed by a Dalek that wreaked havoc in the city of Sheffield before it was sucked into a vacuum corridor in space. 

Previous to that, the Daleks also featured in Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat’s goodbye episode “Twice Upon a Time,” the last in the new series’ run of regular Christmas specials. Will either of those encounters have a bearing on the Doctor’s next adventure? 

Before the Doctor can face Skaro’s most dastardly for the umpteenth time, there’s also the small matter of – spoilers – her escaping from maximum security space prison, the tricky situation in which the Doctor was left in at the end of series 12. A wave of the Sonic, some reversal of the polarity, and a winning grin could fix that, surely?

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Writing about that cliffhanger in the official press release, showrunner Chris Chibnall exclaimed, “We can’t leave the Doctor there!

“Well, we did. But rest assured, the Doctor and her friends will be back for a one-off extended Special around Christmas and New Year. (I don’t know when they’re going to put it on yet, otherwise, we’d tell you!).”

Teasing what to expect from the next episode, Chibnall promised “There will be Daleks. There will be exterminations. Thrills, laughter, tears. You know. The usual.”

The usual includes a complete roster of companions, with Bradley Walsh’s Graham, Tosin Cole’s Ryan, and Mandip Gill’s Yaz all returning to join the Doctor after they arrived safely back in Sheffield following their Gallifreyan adventure.

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