Dexter: Make Your Own Kind Of Music, Review

There are only three episodes remaining in Dexter's final season. So you would expect that these episodes would actually MEAN something...

It’s a shame how predictable Dexter can be sometimes. The reveal that Cassie’s boyfriend was the Brain Surgeon not only wasn’t surprising, but it frankly wasn’t that interesting. The other news, that he is Vogel’s son, also didn’t feel right. The information that Vogel had a psychopath son feels like it would have come out much sooner, and the fact that she didn’t think about all the ties between the murders and her son earlier is just silly. There’s only three episodes left, and if this weren’t the final season of Dexter, I think I would give up on it right now. I can no longer hope for this show to return to its former glory or even expect it to have passable moments. So much of “Make Your Own Kind of Music” was bad.

At least we got two things back tonight; a villain and an end goal for Dexter. Unfortunately neither of them are up to par. Dexter’s puppy love for Hannah is definitely one of the more boring things to ever happen in his personal life. I do like the weird, intense infatuation that Michael C. Hall showcases with his face when Dexter talks about their future, but I don’t know, I just wish Dexter had a bigger endgame. It seems like all of the heat is on Hannah, that not much is at stake for Dexter…well, besides aiding a criminal. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it isnt satisfying.

Deb’s storyline isn’t satisfying me either. Her dilemma about whether or not she should become a detective again is completely uninteresting. Honestly, she was more fun when she was an unpredictable mess. Her relationship with Quinn is old news, whereas the one brewing with Elway is a lot more fun, yet we get way more Quinn scenes. Oh joy.

Also, it really bugged me tonight how badly the writers made Deb act out of character. Do you ever, for a single second, believe that Deb, based on everything you’ve learned about her and her personality and morals, would ever share a laugh and salad with Hannah McKay? It’s so natural. Their scene was sort of fun, with the two sparring verbally at first, but the end of the scene was such a neglect of characterization that it left a really bad taste in my mouth. They do this all the time, too. How can Dexter be an expert serial killer stalker one minute, then get completely tricked in the parking lot with slashed tires the next?

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I just really cant believe that Dexter is going to go out like this. Back in season four, I was on the edge of my seat every episode, each moment it felt like Dexter could be done for. Now I spend the episodes rolling my eyes, mocking, and desperately trying to find positives to talk about. At the end, when I was reminded that only three episodes remain, I couldn’t believe it. This last season should have been a culmination of great show, not an aimless mess that’s just going to arrive at the end abruptly. I’m so disillusioned with Dexter.

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2 out of 5