Dexter, Are We There Yet? Review

Our young psychopath is in love. Awkward moments, shy one-liners and too much man-ass. How come no one suspects Dexter?

Just as I expect from latter-day Dexter, tonight’s episode spurred a mixed bag of feelings from me. Tonight’s episode was insanely off balanced, offering up simultaneously the worst and possible some of the best moments of the season. Best is a loaded word though, because let’s face it, not much has gotten off the ground in this final season. If we can be excited for one thing at least, it’s the return of foe, the Brain Surgeon (so who cares if we all knew he’d come back).

Before we get to yet another cliff hanger ending, because that seems to be at least one thing the writers on this show know how to do, let’s talk about the return of Hannah. In their scenes in tonight’s episode, Dexter and Hannah were hit and miss. In some, like their scene on the boat, their chemistry is undeniable. It’s fun to see Dexter react like a normal guy around a girl he has a crush on. He tries to remain cute and coy, throwing in awkwardly charming attempts at one-liners and banter, and sometimes this works, but in other scenes, like in the car or at the beach, we get awkward, horribly written lines like, “I think a lot.” Speaking of awkward, let’s talk about the love scene, which for one thing featured far too much man-ass for this reviewers taste, and for another verged way more on uncomfortable then passionate.

The return of Hannah also solidifies another point of mine, the reliance on guest stars for interesting plot lines. Tonight’s episode featured so much Hannah, they basically burned thirty minutes of her and Dexter just beating around the bush. I will admire the attempt to sort of bring a theme to this season, that maybe Dexter isn’t a complete monster like Vogel thinks because his desire for Hannah is greater than his desire to kill, but another part of me is disappointed that it’s all they could come up with.

Just like I’m disappointed that Deb returning to Miami Metro is all they could come up with, just like I’m disappointed that the return of the Brain Surgeon, who no one really believed was gone. They foreshadowed a little heavily that maybe Cassie’s boyfriend is involved somehow, but they were also quite heavy handed about the possible chance of Vogel being behind it all, which I’ve already stated I would be furious with. I’d really hope they wouldn’t reuse a twist that we’ve seen in the past. At least the Brain Surgeon means that maybe we’re back on trap, through the mid-season filler and back on the way to even a somewhat redeemable conclusion.

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But can I rant for just a second longer? I really don’t understand how anyone on this show couldn’t be suspicious as hell of Dexter. Quinn already knows Dexter’s fishy, all the cops know LaGuerta thought he was guilty. Batista really doesn’t see anything odd about the hours his sister works? No one thinks the guy is a freaking creep?! I mean, it really has become more blaringly inexcusable that no one else has caught on. Stop me before I start ranting about how Quinn is suddenly a good cop, oh, or how annoying kid sidekick and Ghost Dad were tonight (thank god we don’t have to hear anymore “dudes” out of Zach). You don’t even want to get me started….


Score: 2.5 out 5


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2.5 out of 5