Deadly Class Canceled: No Season 2 on Syfy

Deadly Class season 2 was not meant to be as the assassin school series will now be a one-season wonder on Syfy.

Fans would have liked to get a Deadly Class season 2 to learn the fate of many of the characters that were left hanging in the balance in the season 1 finale. Alas, we’ll never know what happened to the captured Marcus and Maria as Syfy has decided not to renew the series for another outing. As a show about a school for assassins, Deadly Class was not the network’s usual genre fare, but scheduling it alongside The Magicians seemed like a formula for success.

Also left in limbo were Billy and Petra, who were at Chester’s house during the final battle but were seemingly undiscovered. Likewise, Willie, who left the school for the prospect of a better life away from the criminal world he grew up in, will have to live on only in our imagination. Deadly Class was based on a comic of the same name by Rick Remender and artist Wesley Craig, both of whom were involved in the television adaptation as well, so fans will have to content themselves with the story on the page.

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Sony Pictures Television, which owns the production rights for Deadly Class, is reported to be shopping the series around according to TVLine, so we’ll see if Deadly Class season 2 ends up at another network. In the meantime, all of our news and reviews for season 1 are still available for those who were late to the party which has sadly now ended.

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