David Tennant Reflects On His Final Line as The Doctor in This Exclusive Clip

Fathom Events is hosting special screenings of Doctor Who episode "The End of Time," and we have a sneak peek...

Next week, Fathom Events is teaming up with BBC Studios to host screenings of Doctor Who two-parter “The End of Time,” aka David Tennant‘s final proper episode as the Doctor. The finale also marked Russell T. Davies’ swan song as showrunner, and Fathom Events is celebrating the tenth anniversary of Tennant and Davies’ final season—yes, it’s been a decade—with the event.

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The screenings will take place on August 7th at cinemas around the world (find out more about that here) and, in addition to including the episode itself, will also include some supplementary content giving special insight into the episode.

Den of Geek has a sneak peek at some of the additional content on offer, with this exclusive clip of Tennant discussing delivering his final line as the Doctor. Check it out, and try not to tear up…

The clip is from a new one-on-one interview with Tennant, which will be shown following the episode—a pretty thoughtful order, if you consider there technically could be people at this screening who have never seen this episode before. (Spoiler alert: Tennant regenerates into Matt Smith!)

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However you may feel about “The End of Time” (the finale is a divisive one), it’s not hard to drudge up nostalgia for this very special time in Doctor Who history, and for the contributions that both Tennant and Davies made to this show. They left behind an incredible legacy, and this “The End of Time” event celebrates that. See you in the theater?

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