Da Vinci’s Demons: season 4 event series planned

Exclusive: Da Vinci’s Demons is ending, but David Goyer and Starz plan to bring it back for an event series “3 or 4 years from now”…

Starz historical fantasy Da Vinci’s Demons is poised to air its third and final season, but the door hasn’t been firmly closed on the show. Da Vinci’s Demons creator David Goyer has revealed to Den of Geek there are plans to return to the world of Tom Riley’s Leonardo after a break of a few years.

“It’s not impossible that we may at one point do another limited series or something like that,” Goyer told us, “at least three or four years from now.”

The idea would be for a single eight-episode event series, which “specifically has to do with the Bonfire of the Vanities and Savanarola and Michelangelo and some other stuff, and it would have been impossible to cram that all into this season.”

As season three of Da Vinci’s Demons takes place over the period of around a month, entirely during the 1480 Siege of Otranto, the new run would mean a time-jump of around fifteen years. That’s where taking a break from the show helps, says Goyer, “in some ways it might work better because the actors will have aged a bit more”.

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Would the proposed limited series air on Starz? “Yes,” says Goyer, “Probably yes. They know the idea, they’re interested in the idea.”

On the thinking behind ending things after season three, Goyer explained, “I wasn’t ready to go back into production, like next year, and I also wasn’t ready to give up the reins, so we said, okay, let’s end it here and then if the fans want it, we’ll do another one maybe in a couple of years.”

Da Vinci’s Demons returns to Starz in the US on Saturday the 24th of October, when all ten episodes of season three will be released online simultaneously, and to FOX in the UK on Sunday the 25th of October. 

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