Continuum: The Dying Minutes Review

The penultimate episode of this season's Continuum is a strong one! Here's our review.

Okay, so I was wrong about how time travel works in my last review. But in my defense, who among us really has a handle on how much influence each character in Continuum has on the timeline? Clearly Sonya Valentine felt she had one more card up her sleeve, and she handed out some magnificent advice to both Julian and Kiera before meeting her explosive end.

Sonya has been brilliant at misdirection ever since she kidnapped a juror’s family while simultaneously bribing the judge in Julian’s trial last season. This week was no different. Just as I was ready to gripe about the bright orange flash drive conspicuously sticking out of the server tower at Piron, I realized, “Ooohh, she WANTED to get caught!” Never mind that Lucas, the king of mind control technology, wanted to flood Halo users’ brains with unbridled fear: a pretty cool idea if you ask me. I’m feeling a bit conflicted, though; although I applaud Sonya’s ultimate mission, I’m not sure if I actually want Dillon to die or not.

Oh, Dillon. He has rationalized his police state so often now that his argument has become tired. “Police have always solicited the support of the rich and powerful.” Since when, Dillon? And try reconciling statements like that with the fact that he charmingly welcomes the idea of Carlos continuing to bust his balls about the ethics of his relationship with Piron. Perhaps his final encounter with Sonya, if he survives, will be his wake-up call.

Speaking of wake-up calls, Curtis awakening after months of death is beyond anything I expected. In a show when duplicates can appear simply by traveling back in time a week, I certainly wouldn’t have thought his resurrection would be so… mystical. The Bear McCreary-esque music playing when “the Traveler” laid hands on the dead body was oddly religious, even though Catherine clearly says, “The technology inside him brought you back.” I’m definitely anxious to find out more about how the Traveler maneuvers… and who he is.

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The other big mystery that almost sneaked by me was the conversation between Kellog and Curtis. Kellog assures the ex-Liber8 Freelancer that “it’s happening today,” presumably referring to Alec’s escape. Curtis is willing to risk himself because of the help he received from the Traveler, whom he insists Katherine is imprisoning. Given that Curtis ends Katherine’s life in spectacular fashion, are we to presume they knew everything that would happen? How? And what was in the garment bag? I feel like we’re not being told everything!

But I like it that way! The subtlety of the burgeoning relationship between Kiera and Brad, for example, is left to the imagination. It’s anyone’s guess what Travis, Lucas, and Garza will do next as well. But there’s one thing I do know: the season finale is sure to amaze and entertain!

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4.5 out of 5