Continuum: Lost Hours Review

Continuum starts its last season with a low-key episode peppered with puzzles.

This review contains spoilers for the most recent episode.

After a year and a half of waiting, Continuum returns for its final six episodes, and I have full confidence that the show will wrap up with mind-blowing action, brain-melting paradoxes, and thought-provoking conclusions. In “Lost Hours,” Kiera Cameron and Liber8 pick up where things left off, and the new antagonists, Kellog and his so-called Time Marines, set the tone for a stellar premiere. Although many elements merely set up future storylines, it was nice to see this great time travel show back on the air.

I couldn’t help but appreciate that the soldiers of 2039 actually trumped Kiera’s technology several times in this episode, especially when it came to her suit’s cloaking function. Since they came from the timeline created by Alec’s accelerated technology endeavors, it makes sense that their wartorn society created superior weaponry and armor. Their concussive blasts aren’t enough to kill Kiera, but she is certainly knocked around to a respectable degree.

In fact, being knocked cold sent Kiera into a preserving dream state, which may have tricked some viewers into thinking the whole series was a dream. Of course, the cruel joke is an effective jab at audience expectations, and although Kiera’s recovery is quick, it was nice to see her son, elder Alec, and the cognitive therapist again.

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Bringing Emily back into the fold as well as the addition of Lucas from Liber8 creates a festive atmosphere as the new team decides to strike back at Kellog, who ended last season taking over Piron from Alec. Perpetrating a hack on Halo’s servers would have been no small feat for either Alec or Lucas alone, but as a combined force, they seem unstoppable! However, Lucas’ conversations with Garza and several furtive glances lead me to believe this alliance won’t last long.

Kellog himself seems oddly vulnerable having placed himself in the hot seat. Curtis tries to persuade him to accept assistance from the mysterious Traveler while Alec’s hack has him uncharacteristically berating Carlos and being on the defensive. It’s clear he’s not sure what the presence of future soldiers sent by an older version of himself means for his current plans. I’m definitely not used to seeing Kellog so off-balance, but on the whole, I like it, especially with the surprising message from himself at the end of the episode.

Giving faces and names to Kellog’s soldiers gives a personal touch to yet another ambiguously motivated group in a show where one often confuses the heroes with the villains and vice versa. Their mission seems logical given their future circumstances, but they’re clearly hiding something about a pivotal occurrence after Brad left their time. I’m anxious to see what the device is that they’re building.

The Traveler also continues to be an enigma carrying over from last season. He now has the face and the nearly seven-foot frame of actor Vladimir Ruzich, but his motives are completely unknown. As the season continues, I’m sure we will learn more about this observer character, and I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Together with great action sequences, including an amazing battle with Emily as she is captured by Kellog’s goons, the little understated puzzles that present themselves in this episode spice up an otherwise low-key episode. My excitement at this series’ return overshadows all shortcomings, however, and Continuum is off to a great start for its final run.

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4 out of 5