Continuum: A Minute Changes Everything

Continuum continues to ask fans the tough questions. Here's Michael's review of "A Minute Changes Everything."

How does Continuum continue to force its audience to make moral decisions without preaching, destroying its heroes, or glorifying its villains? I’m constantly surprised at how often I inwardly cheer for Julian (“Where’s YOUR outrage?”) and shake my head at Kiera (“How is that relevant?”) without it actually affecting the dynamics between protagonist and antagonist.

In “A Minute Changes Everything,” the audience must picks sides. We have to decide whether the cop who shot Rebecca Kent-State-style is culpable or not. We have to decide whether to defend Carlos’ heart-first approach to law enforcement or Kiera’s blind-justice, future-tech system of investigation. And we have to decide which Alec to root for as one skulks around like Gollum and the other parts his hair and begins his oligarchic rise to power.

We might have to change the name of this timeline’s Alec to “Piron Alec,” even though he had a clumsy start at his first meeting. I enjoyed the subtlety of the board members’ condescending reassurance as well as the ulterior motives of Kellog as he coached his protege. How interesting, then, that Alec calls new board member, Jack Dillon, for advice! With those two working together, the VPD may be even more quickly becoming the CPS of the future!

The meeting of the two Alecs was definitely “very Marty McFly,” and both the old lab and Emily seem to be firmly in the grip of Future Alec. I enjoyed the implication that the two Alecs, both the original and the #TimelineSquatter (this week’s hashtag), will now be at odds, perhaps competing for influence over the future.

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But let’s not forget the historical impact of Theseus! Julian, although initially a reluctant participant, appears to be poised for a rise to media fame. In that sense, the incident at the Lions Gate University campus may have jump-started his movement even moreso than Kagame’s suicide bombing at the end of season 1.

And just as Alec and Julian rise, Carlos and Betty fall. The visit to the dead Kiera in the freezer was both morbid and disturbing, and although some might not understand Carlos’ misgivings, I can’t help but be fascinated by the train wreck his life is becoming. Likewise, Betty has had it coming for quite some time, and although her motives make her sympathetic, I find myself looking forward to her being used as an ankle-tracked double agent within Liber8.

What does that say about me, that I relish the “good” guys’ downfall and rub my hands together in glee as the “bad” guys ascend? My redemption comes in the form of a behind-the-back handshake in this week’s flashback as Kiera chooses to save a young girl rather than two directors and a life credit manager. If such subversion within the ranks is possible, there is hope for 2077… and for my morally twisted viewing of this incredibly written show.

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4 out of 5