Cloak and Dagger Season 2: Possible Romance Teased

We talked to Joe Pokaski about the possibility of Gina Prince-Bythewood returning to direct some of Cloak and Dagger Season 2 and more.

Cloak and Dagger  has been renewed for a second season and that is in no small part due to director Gina Prince-Bythewood (Love and Basketball, Beyond the Lights) who directed the first episode of the show, creating the visual language for the series and helping showrunner Joe Pokaski bring this world to life.

Prince-Bythewood is a busy creator, but, when Den of Geek had a chance to talk to talk to Pokaski at San Diego Comic-Con, you better believe we inquired about the possibility of the feature film director returning to helm an episode of Season 2.

“Gina and I have an unofficial, nonlegal pact,” said Pokaski, “that I’m like, ‘When are you coming back?’ And she’s like, ‘When Tandy and Tyrone get together.’ She’s an amazing human being and an amazing director who has such love for not only Tandy and Tyrone, but Aubrey and Olivia, and we check in a lot. So, it’s kind of fitting that the first time they get together that I would love for Gina to be at the helm.”

When might Tandy and Tyrone get together? “That’s gonna be season I’m not telling you,” joked Pokaski.

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Series star Olivia Holt (Tandy) is glad that Tandy and Tyrone have been given the space to do their own thing in this first season, and to build a friendship rather than a romance.

Well I think that’s the whole point is we’re going through our own journey,” said Holt. “The world keeps pushing us together and pulling us apart because we’re trying to deal with our own issues. Justice for his brother, justice for Tandy’s dad. And I think everything just sort of keeps leading them back together.”

Right now, Holt noted, Tandy is still involved romantically with Liam (though, after last episode, it’s even more complicated than it already was) and Tyrone is dating Evita.

“I understand that everybody wants them to be together,” said Holt, “but, for me, I feel like it’s so important, when I watch the show, to be able to respect and appreciate a character as a individual.”

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Holt added that, at least for now, their relationship is much more interesting as a friendship, especially given that neither of them really has a friend outside of one another.

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“They’ve never truly had somebody that they can trust and rely on or that has gone through some of the similar things that they have,” noted Holt. “The fact that they have that bond, and they’re creating that bond, and it’s a platonic bond before it is a romantic one, I think is really special and unique. We don’t see a lot of that. So I think this first season, seeing that friendship form has been really amazing.”

So what does that mean for Prince-Bythewood’s possible Season 2 return? I mean… Cloak and Dagger is known for its relatively slow-burn plot, but I could see Tandy and Tyrone sharing some romantic moments in Season 2. For now, we’ll have to wait, see, and enjoy the ride that Prince-Bythewood helped create.

The season finale of Cloak and Dagger airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.