Chuck season 4 episode 17 review: Chuck Versus The First Bank Of Evil

When Chuck takes on the First Bank of Evil which branch does he go to, as there are so many out there?

This review may contain spoilers.

4.17 Chuck Versus The First Bank Of Evil

There is a zip to Chuck now that is hard to quantify, but that creatively pokes you in the eye on a regular basis. I’m not sure if the crew has already been told that season five is go or no-go, but they appear to be having a ball, even if this is potentially the final Chuck season.

Chuck Versus The First Bank Of Evil connects directly to the previous story, where Vivian discovers her father’s lair and uses her charm to access i’s secrets.

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I’d assumed she’d got access to Hydra, but what she actually got was a bank account code, and through it possibly a link to the resources of the Volkoff empire. (Those with a PVR might be amused to freeze on the card, because the number 4815162342 is significant to those that stuck with Lost.)

But before that, the show plays its master stroke this week, when it wheels out Ray Wise as Alexei Volkoff’s lawyer, who doesn’t actually get a name. I loved Ray in Reaper, where he was a deliciously perverse and likeable version of the Devil, and here he’s certainly playing the devil’s advocate as he works to turn Vivian against her CIA friends.

That’s one thread, but there are two other significant ones that are worked into this story in a seamless fashion. One is Sarah’s adjustments to the notion of getting married, where, with the help of Ellie, she eventually comes to terms with the idea.

The other revolves around Mogan’s desire to move out of his mother’s home, and I’m happy to report that involves brief but welcome appearances from Big Mike, Lester and Jeff, plus some guy who thinks he’s a king, a woman who likes to work in leather, and a centaur. In the end, he strikes a deal with Casey, who is acting very strangely in respect of Zone 6.

But the highlight for me of this story was Lauren Cohan’s Vivian, as her character seemed to inject something spontaneous and refreshing. Her turn towards the dark side was somewhat telegraphed, but I predict she’ll turn to the light again before the end of the season.

The revelation that Alexei’s most prized possessions in the bank vault were all pictures of Vivian through her childhood was a nice twist, but I’m sure there is more to it than we’ve been given so far. Is Hydra encrypted into the pictures, perhaps?

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As usual, they managed to get some great movie references in here. I noticed one snippet of Pulp Fiction dialogue, and much of the final action sequence at the bank was an homage to the shootout in The Matrix. I also badly want the Star Wars bed sheets and pillow covers combo that Morgan has.

There might be funnier shows on TV and better action vehicles, but I’m really enjoying Chuck‘s unique blend of espionage and insanity at the moment.

Confusingly, in the next Chuck he goes up against The A-Team, which is odd, because I’m sure that analogy got well covered in episode 5, Chuck Versus The Couch Lock?

I’m sure it will all make sense, or not, in two weeks time. 

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