Chozen: In A Pickle, Review

Tonight's episode asks a very real question: are Rickey and Crisco better off without Chozen?

Ricky and Crisco are finally noticed for their talent in the world of children’s entertainment when a business opportunity presents itself, but they are more strings attached than they realize. It takes Chozen’s trademark self-destruction to both save them and ruin them.

Ask and you shall freakin’ receive. Two solid Ricky and Crisco episodes back to back, and both of them seriously good. Considering the twist at the end of this episode, I understand why it had to come so late in the season, but if the schedule had been frontloaded with more stuff like this, I’d never have complained.

This episode finally addresses something that’s kind of been simmering on the backburner for a while, the fact that Ricky and Crisco are probably better off without Chozen. Think about it. Up until his release, they had a solid business going. They weren’t rolling in cash, but they were making a living. Then Chozen shows back up, sucks up all their time and energy, fucks up a bunch of their opportunities, and never gives anything back. I seriously don’t think including him in their Cool Kids show was their idea. He probably pushed for it and they, as per usual, had a hard time saying no. And even then, he’s not happy. Granted, he got a rock thrown at him and got an ass-kicking from a little girl (which, by the way, was awesome), but he would have fucked it up on his own eventually. 

Ricky and Crisco make the most of this opportunity, and since being in children’s entertainment is already in their wheelhouse, they have a fine time. Also, they are super funny in this episode, and — thank you — it isn’t racial humor. It’s based on the fact that Crisco the straight man and Ricky is lovable idiot. His whole thing about the moon? Fuckin’ love it. And his casual attitude toward voyeurism because he grew up in close quarters with a big family… good shit. See, the two of them actually stand to benefit in a way that Chozen doesn’t, so when he “saves” them, they do what we’ve all been waiting for them to do.

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They say “enough.” They are straight up ready to walk out and give up on Chozen, the cumulative effect of all his bullshit finally too much for them to stand. That is, until Jimmy (who was oddly the moral compass in this episode; weird but not unwelcome) tells them he’s got them a majorly sweet gig. I got a little nervous that this would undo the character development of this episode by hitting a bi ol’ reset button, but then it cuts away to the final scene and it all comes together.

Here we have it, folks… the reappearance of Phantasm. Just when I’m about to piss and moan about how the writers have forgotten about this storyline, here it comes, and it totally justifies placating Ricky and Crisco a little while longer, it’s just enough to keep the act together for them to throw down with Phantasm. 

No Tracy or Troy this episode, but I didn’t miss them, because the plot worked just fine without them. I am so, so convinced now that this show works best with the full ensemble reserved for special episodes, and the rest of the time sticking to only three or four characters. It keeps the stories strong, focused, and funny, and this one was choice.

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4 out of 5