CHOZEN, Da Director, review

Lazy and lame, except the last remaining Cherry Boy.

Tracy finds some new inspiration for an overdue film class project by chronicling Chozen’s rampant narcissism as he tries to record a rap video for a competition. When Chozen finds out his sister exploited him, he reveals a softer side, and Tracy makes it up to him by putting together the actual video. Not that they win. Meanwhile, Troy angsts over his status as the last of the Cherry Boys, a campus club for virgin guys, and Ricky seeks to help him out, hoping that getting laid will take Troy’s mind off Tracy, eliminating Ricky’s competition.

“Da Director” was truly a step down. There were a few good laughs, but the writing was not very strong. It was nice to give Tracy some time in the spotlight, but it didn’t do much for her, and while I appreciate that the Ricky/Troy/Crisco sub-plot was stronger than last week’s, it was still pretty lame. It was also pretty telling that Troy’s lame sub-plot was at least centered on his character, while Ricky’s participation in the comedy once again hinged largely on his ethnicity. Lazy.

I do want to give some props to the fact that the last remaining Cherry Boy aside from Troy, the friend/roommate? Whose deflowering inspires him to lose his virginity, is an Indian guy. In American media, Indian and East Asian guys are generally depicted as sexless and undesirable, so to have one not only get laid but pursued by a girl is pretty cool, I’d say.

Oh, apparently Hunter is still around, but not to do much besides give Chozen head under a library table. Don’t worry, he gets some quality material next week.  Really, this is the weakest episode so far. It was neither good enough nor bad enough for me to say much about it. I don’t have much to say, which… let’s just deal with that. 

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2.5 out of 5