Castle: Deep Cover, review

James Brolin is back and brings on the spooky

Castle is back! But more importantly Brolin is back as Rick’s ass-kicking CIA spook father. Didn’t see that one coming but Jackson Hunt is a welcome addition to Caskett’s NYC turf. Brolin returns as Jackson Hunt, Castle’s biological father and all around smooth cat that works off book with “the agency.” When a former computer hacker whiz and all around wunderkind ends up dead, Hunt appears to do some mop up work to the surprise of Castle and company.

While the plot is not airtight it hums along at a brisk case led by the always interesting James Brolin as Jackson Hunt. I liked how they kept the action on point with Hunt in that wherever he is there is going to be trouble. Dedicated Castle-ites will remember last season when Hunt and Castle saved Alexis over in Europe and it turns out Beckett remembers his face as well from a police sketch. It’s not quite enough to get Beckett to identify Hunt but she is definitely close and it made me wonder if she did in fact figure the mystery out.

It was nice to see Martha see her one night tryst that spawned her only son some forty plus years ago. It is a bittersweet moment for the elderly couple filled with fleeting moments of tenderness. It made me wonder how Rick would have turned out had he had a “normal” upbringing. It is intriguing to think about if Rick would have been the hell-raiser he was in the private schools of Manhattan. I like that they have Jackson Hunt still exist on a different plane of the Castle-universe. He may be old but he’s out there and he is still dangerous. Oh and no one better mess with his family or you will feel his wrath.

Overall the episode succeeds greatly in nailing the whole CIA vibe in New York City. Brolin is great as always as Hunt and he is cast perfectly as Rick’s estranged Dad. Who better to play a famous mystery writer’s Dad than a man that has seen and done it all in real life? The background characters are a little boring and do not add much to the story because the reveal of Jackson Hunt being there is too monumental to ignore. All we know is that the other bad guy is the mission and he must be terminated with extreme prejudice.

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What I liked most about the episode is that it did not take itself too seriously making for a very fun installment. It was also interesting to see the relationship with Martha and her one night stand from 40-plus years ago. It is a bittersweet moment for both Jackson and Martha but they know it will only last for a short spell. Overall Castle keeps the momentum of this season going with aplomb. This was definitely one of the “lighter” episodes and one that I did not expect a great deal from as far as story progression. I will say this: I hope that we see more of Castle’s dad in another CIA-related episode because that would be really cool. 

Den of Geek Rating: 4 Out of 5 Stars


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4 out of 5