Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Episode 6 Review: Sakura, the Rabbit, and the Song of the Moon

Is Tomoyo secretly plotting to keep Akiho away from Sakura? We dive deep into that theory.

This Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card review contains spoilers.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Episode 6

With the relaxed pacing of these Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card episodes I can’t help but start reading into these characters little reactions to things. This week Tomoyo’s actions really caught my eye. Did you see how she reacted when Sakura mentioned she’d been hanging out with Akiho? Tomoyo was like, “excuse me, you were hanging out with WHO?!” Now we could of course read that as Tomoyo being jealous (since she’s a truly iconic lesbian) but I’m fairly certain she’s over Sakura.

It’s more likely she won’t let anything stand in the way of Sakura/Syaoran. Tomoyo sacrificed her love to get these two together and NOTHING will stand in her way. When she goes to grab Syaoran at lunch it isn’t just a friendly, “Oh hey, let’s sing and play the piano together.” Nah, Tomoyo is making a calculated move to remove Akiho from Sakura’s daily life. 

She saw how Akiho could sing and she seized on that opportunity. Getting her to join the Chorus Club would not only keep her away from Sakura but also let her keep tabs on her. Make sure she doesn’t try any flirty flirt. If you think Tomoyo isn’t capable of this the girl pretty much sows a new outfit for Sakura on the daily. She keeps one hidden in her bag constantly. She probably has them planted around the whole school.

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Tomoyo is a conniving chess master and she won’t let anything upset her game of keeping Sakura and Syaoran together. 

Speaking of those two, is Sakura REALLY that oblivious to Syaoran’s deep feelings for her? No duh he came back to Japan for you, BOY IS CRAZY IN LOVE WITH YOU. You know this! Or is she just being a middle school girl and not quite getting it? Does Syaoran have deeper feelings than her? Does she just have a deep crush while he’s ready for commitment?

It’s hard to tell when the series isn’t really nailing down what their relationship is. They aren’t dating (it’s middle school after all) but they do have strong feelings. Maybe they don’t have maturity to really process what they feel. We’ve seen when Sakura is confronted with something she isn’t quite sure how to handle she just reassures herself things will work out and carries on.

That’s an admirable quality to have but eventually Sakura will have to examine her feelings. How does she truly feel for Syaoran? Will those feelings be put to the test when it’s revealed that he was hiding something from her?

I don’t know if Clear Card, being as obsessed with cuteness as it is, would go for that level of conflict but it seems to be heading in that direction. Syaoran finally gets to be there for a card capture and he can’t do anything. If he’s totally useless to Sakura in battle will he start to feel that away in her day-to-day life as well? Can these two crazy kids keep it together?!

Also, Meiling finally makes an appearance. Bless her.

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3 out of 5