Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Episode 2 Review: Sakura and the Room with No Exit

Sakura's optimism in the face of darkness always brightens the world.

This Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card review contains spoilers.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Episode 2

With the second episode I think I can fairly say Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card isn’t just going for nostalgia. I know it seemed that way last week but I think it’s something much simpler. The show is simply continuing from where it left off. It knows its audience and is telling the same simple and cute stories it became famous for.

It’s not all callbacks and references but it’s just playing out the same beats it used to. While part of me wishes the series would take a step forward and give these characters some development, if the series is perfectly fine with adorable little stories? I’m cool with it, especially if they’re as fun as this weeks.

Much of this episode is devoted to fun little moments between all the characters and we don’t even get hints of the new card until about fifteen minutes in. This early on in the series I’m fine with that since we need a little time to reestablish everyone. Plus there’s something very important done with these scenes.

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In the lead up to this new series a lot of fans were of course very excited to see Sakura and Syaoran blossoming romance but this episode makes it very clear that Sakura’s female friendships are still incredibly important. Hell, besides a few blushes from Sakura you wouldn’t even know her and Syaoran were an item in this episode! I dig that, especially in a show meant for little girls. Friendship is so important!

(Yeah yeah, Tomoyo is 100% not straight but Sakura isn’t interested in her so it’s still just friendship.)

The whole cheesecake sequence was brilliant, especially for the stare down between Kero and Toya. While I’m sure we’ll maintain the status quo with Kero pretending to be a stuffed animal, having moments like this make it worth it. It’s delightful how after so long they can still find ways to make this gag work.

Also, we get to see Yukito sleeping over! That was so adorable! Even though Toya and Yukito totally just want to make out it’s adorable Yukito is happy to hang around with Sakura. Good boyfriend choices there, Toya. 

The Siege Card made for some interesting visuals but an altogether too easy solution. Tomoyo just happened to have some pins! That was awfully convenient. I hope the series can come up with some more clever new cards because they kind of ran through most of the A+ card ideas in the original series. Next week might be another variation of a Rain card? Really?

I am very glad Sakura is still very concerned about the Clow cards. In the original series it was shown over and over again she had a deep connection to them so I’m glad we aren’t just dumping them to the side of the road for the new hot clear cards.

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Of course Eriol is being mysterious and cryptic as hell. Why? We’ll have to wait and find out but it better be a damn good reason outside of “oh you need to learn and grow, Sakura.”

The greatest strength of this episode (and the series itself) is Sakura’s optimism in the face of uncertainty. While she’s afraid for the old cards and not sure what the hell is going on, she continues to go about her life. Going through her routine of school and hanging with friends makes her happy and she won’t let darkness envelop her.

I think in our dark times that’s a very important lesson to showcase.

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3.5 out of 5