Cameron Jebo Reflects On Power Rangers Super Megaforce

We caught up with the Power Rangers Super Megaforce Silver Ranger Cameron Jebo and speculate on an Orion lead comic.

It’s no secret to anyone who regularly reads Den of Geek coverage that we’re big fans of the Super Megaforce Silver Ranger, Orion. So when Cameron Jebo showed up at the Gallery Nucelus Power Rangers Art Show, we took a few minutes to talk with him about life since the series concluded in 2014.

How is life for you since Super Megaforce?

Life has been great. I’ve been filming a couple of things, filming a couple of random projects, and waiting for the go ahead on a couple of other projects. Been traveling a lot, it’s been a good time so far. It’s been a busy couple of years.

So now that you’ve had some time to look back on Super Megaforce, what are your overall thoughts on working on the season?

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I made some of the closest friends I’ll ever have, lifelong friends, incredible business partners and co-workers as well. I couldn’t imagine my life as a non Power Ranger anymore. I’ve very grateful for that opportunity and for the filming experience and the working experience and the travel experience and everything that comes along with it. So yes, it’s definitely an honor being a Power Ranger.

How does it feel knowing your character was only in the series for a very short run of episodes but many people have called you a fan favorite from Super Megaforce?

I am flattered. I am absolutely flattered. Obviously all of us put in the same amount of work. The others put in way more work than I did. I showed up and did my piece and it was unfortunate I was only there for a short amount of time but we all really, really, really worked hard on that season. Being called the fan favorite is, I don’t know if I deserve that, but that means a lot. That’s very cool.

So what’s it like coming to this event like this one? A general Power Rangers themed event.

Oh man, I never thought I’d see an entire gallery devoted to Power Rangers! This is beautiful. I love that it’s very traditional. It’s very keeping in tune with the original Mighty Morphin and everything. Some of this art, it’s called fan art right now but I’m just gonna take the fan off that and call it art because this stuff is real. This is real art. Some of this stuff is absolutely beautiful. I mean it’s all beautiful but some of this looks like I would spend thousands of dollars on this stuff, you know? It is beautiful art.

As far as it being a Power Rangers event, I never get sick of coming to these things. This is family to me, this is legacy, this is part of my life for the rest of my life. So I’m absolutely honored to be here and be a part of it.

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Since this is all centered around a comic book, if you could have the comic book adventures of Orion, what would you want to happen in them?

Oh man, I think maybe I’d like to explore a little bit more of his backstory. I mean, everybody’s got a hard on for the origin stories now, so I guess a little more of that because we had to cover that pretty quickly in those two episodes. But even then we could go even farther after Super Megaforce ended and see how Orion uses his powers for good and how he struggles with that hot headed side of revenge that he still has in his head and in his heart. It’d be really sweet to see where he goes with going back to his home world and trying to rebuild maybe.

Yeah, he’s the only one of his people left, so how’s that going to work in repopulation?

Who knows. Maybe he’s not one of the only ones. Maybe he’s not the only one left.

Well it looked like he was trying to repopulate with Emma, if you know what I’m saying.

-laughs- That was a fun little flirty couple of scenes, but who knows? He’s gone now so maybe the comic books will cover it.

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So do you have anything else to say to the fans out there?

Just keep believing, keep watching. Power Rangers is something that brings people together, brings fans and children and adults alike and it’s something that everybody loves. So keep watching, keep believing, no matter your opinions on the cheesiness of the show just remember what brought you into it in the first place. Always, always, always remember the love that this show gives to you and that you gave to this show to begin with.

Shamus Kelley is ready for the comic book adventures of Orion. Get on it, Boom!. Follow him on Twitter!