Californication, Season 6, Episode 6: In the Clouds, Review

Atticus! Atticus! Atticus! Wait, that's not how it goes...

Californication was chugging along through five episodes, not really looking to get into anything serious, you know, playing the field. Hank, the lady whisperer, was noticeably off his game and that was something we could deal with, as he found his footing coming off a traumatic ending to Season 5. Last week, we got a hint that the show is finally ready to take us in a new direction and Faith would be the angel to bring Californication back to its glory days. Boy, does she deliver.

It all starts when Hank and Charlie hop on Atticus’ private plane to work on the rock opera. Atticus is a bigger procrastinator than Hank when it comes to writing and the rocker comes off as more of a problem than a solution to anyone’s problems. Charlie is looking to Atticus to save his spiraling career and Hank could use the cash since he isn’t writing anything else. Hank is generally regarded as the most immature character in the series, but he has some competition from Atticus. Eventually, Hank was going to get fed up with Atticus’ child like behavior and he does in “In the Clouds,” by storming off the plane. Thankfully before Hank can step foot on the runway, Faith enters the plane with Trudy, the wife of the unnamed dead rocker and the wild ride begins.

This episode embodies the reasons why fans of Californication have tuned in for five plus seasons. Even when we know what is coming it still seems to surprise us. Hank puts up with assholes, Hank gets the girl, another girl hits on Hank and the cycle continues. It’s the Hank Moody effect and it keeps bringing us back, just like Faith has returned because she sees something in Hank that she can harness.

Californication is provocative, at times sensitive and always fun, all qualities of good rock ‘n roll. That is exactly why there was excitement when the Atticus Fetch character was introduced. He was supposed to be the character who pumped some life into the cast. It took a few episodes, but finally Atticus, well his private jet, provided the setting for the best episode of the season.

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Forgot Love Boat, love plane is a bit more entertaining. Charlie hates flying but gets a mile-high lover in Trudy out of it. She is essentially the British version of Marcy and when Charlie admits he still feels something for his ex, Trudy knows just how to ease his mid-flight fears. Atticus’ wife courts Hank while the rocker is busy getting rejected by Faith and as if that wasn’t enough action, when a little turbulence shakes the plane all hell breaks loose. The urn containing the ashes of the dead rocker breaks, leading Trudy, in her and grief to snort a line then engage Charlie sexually. And last but not least, Hank continues to add tallies to his bedpost collection like it’s his job. The flight crew has landed in New York, but before Californication takes a bite out of the big apple, Hank has to have a taste of Faith.