Brockmire Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Story, and More News

The story of baseball announcer extraordinaire, Jim Brockmire, will come to a close with Brockmire season 4 on IFC.

There will be no extra innings for Jim Brockmire.

IFC announced that it has ordered Brockmire season 4, which will serve as the show’s final. Brockmire season 4 will contain the show’s usual eight episodes and then Jim Brockmire, played by Hank Azaria, will sign off for good.

“From the beginning, Brockmire was conceived as a four-season story, and we are so proud to see it written and produced to its creative conclusion,” said IFC Executive Director Blake Callaway. “Blazers off to the amazing crew, our fantastic partners at Funny Or Die, and the incredible cast, especially the incomparable Hank Azaria, who lives, sleeps and breaths Jim Brockmire, as well as Amanda Peet who makes an indelible contribution to the show as Jules, and Tyrel Jackson-Williams who completely shines as Charles. Fans and critics alike will love watching how the story ends.”

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Brockmire was adapted from a character that Azaria and creator Joel Church-Cooper first developed for a viral short video on Funny or Die. In the original short, Azara plays baseball broadcaster Jim Brockmire who has a meltdown on air while revealing his wife’s many infidelities. Brockmire used the skit as a jumping off point to examine what would happen to the legendary broadcaster next.

Through two seasons, Brockmire followed its titular hero as he tried to break back into the baseball world first through independent ball in Morristown, Pennsylvania and then in minor league ball in New Orleans. While Jim’s story seemed like it could be finished with him finally achieving sobriety in the end of season 2, the show’s third season explored how Brockmire adapted to sober life. Once season 4 concludes, Jim Brockmire will have (hopefully) spent exactly half the series sober.

Brockmire Season 4 Release Date

Brockmire season 4 will premiere on Wednesday, March 18 at 10 p.m. ET on IFC. Just in time for Spring Training, of course!

Brockmire Season 4 Trailer

Jim Brockmire is your new baseball commissioner in the first trailer for Brockmire season 4 and he’s got some plans to fix baseball. They’re not good plans, mind you, but they’re plans all the same.

And if that weren’t enough, IFC has made a clip from the new season available as well. Watch below as Jim explains the concept of platonic exes to…one of his exes.

Brockmire Season 4 Cast

Brockmire has shuffled its cast around a bit throughout three seasons with Peet’s character Jules and Jackson-William’s Charles making way for new blood like Tawny Newsome’s Gabby Taylor. Now it looks like we’re back to the originals in Brockmire season 4…along with some new guests.

Per IFC, this season will star Azaria and Peet as Brockmire and Jules. Charles will be involved as a guest star. Also guest starring are Joe Buck, Paul F. Tompkins, Katie Finneran, and Ego Nwodim. 

Brockmire Season 4 Story

I know you normally see a subhead like “Brockmire Season 4 Story” and just skip it. You know enough, right? “Brockmire follows Jim Brockmire, an disgraced baseball announcer yada yada yada…” But don’t skip this description.

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In addition to concluding the story of Jim Brockmire, Brockmire season 4 will conclude the story of just about everything else as well. The series will flash forward 15 years into the future where climate change has ravaged the planet into a dystopian hellscape. Meanwhile baseball commissioner Jim Brockmire must figure out a way to save the sport amidst all the chaos. Don’t believe us? Here is AMC’s official description:

It’s 15 years into the dystopian future and Jim Brockmire (Hank Azaria) is now the Commissioner of baseball. After his wife’s infidelities decades ago triggered a public meltdown and sent him on a drug-fueled tear across the globe, the once legendary baseball announcer is now back on top and his struggles with sobriety are behind him. However, at this later stage of his life he is tasked with saving America’s pastime as the world around him descends into chaos, all while trying to salvage his relationship with his newfound daughter (Reina Hardesty) and rekindle the love he once had for Jules (Amanda Peet).

See? Told you not to skip the “Brockmire Season 4 Story” section.

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