Broad City Season 4 Episode 7: Florida

This week on Broad City, Abbi and Ilana ditch the garbage-paved roads of New York City for the racism-paved streets of Florida.

This Broad City review contains spoilers.

Broad City Season 4 Episode 7

Ilana’s mother, Bobbi, has to help her sister, Beverly (Drescher), clean out Grandma Esther’s apartment. Abbi and Ilana tag along for a short vacation and find themselves pulled into the “allure” of the laid back  Sunshine State. When our two favorite ladies stumble on an apartment that’s for rent, they decide to take the leap and leave the grind of NYC in the dust. First, however, they must wine and dine the board of Darlington Lakes to get an apartment. After lots of floral dresses, neon tracksuits, and gun polishing, Abbi and Ilana manage to snag the lease. Well, until they realize that the overt racism is way too much for them to handle. Back to a blue state for them, but not without Ilana’s grandmother’s slick Cadillac!

Also, did I mention Fran Drescher guest stars? 

This season of Broad City has really been about growth, self-improvement and introspection. It has really started to encapsulate not just the ennui of being in your 20s, but it also starts to make a push for changing it. Climbing out of the rut and addressing the listlessness.  Of course we will never see Abbi and Ilana leave the Big Apple, especially not for a Red State, but it brings up quite the home-hitting point of why we do the things we do. I can’t speak for the Midwesterners, or that other supposed coast people like to talk about, but as far as NYC-living? It seems ridiculous. Coffin-sized apartments, salaries that don’t cover said apartments, listlessness, something called “matcha,” the smell of urine, etc. So what if we left it all behind? 

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Should I Move to Florida: Sure it’s a Trump state, but the rent is cheap: A Checklist. 

Fruit that hasn’t been licked by bodega cats.

Thoughts? Yay? Nay? We all love that cozy feeling of walking into our corner bodega an grabbing a nice nicked up peach from the pike under Tubby the street cat who has made the bin his palace. But have you have thought that there could be better produce out there? Produce unfettered to the bounds of cold city living. Would you rather find that orange in its natural habitat on a tree hanging outside the Mar-a-Lago?

Frozen pipes or Stand Your Ground.

The choice is yours, but which terrifying and rather annoying predicament would you rather live with? 


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Are you good at it? On a scale from one to drunk wall street bro at the bar where are you? When it comes to moving to a new place it’s always good to have a few exceptional tools in your back pocket, or as some might call it “some junk in the trunk.” In this case, Florida might be cheap but getting past those old-folk condo board members is not going to be easy… unless you’re white.  Trying to charm them? Remember, “Bitches be horny for butterscotch.” 

Do you want to rise and grind or rise and lay back down?

This might be your most important deciding factor. Could swing the whole damn thing. 

Is it better to have fucked JFK or to not have fucked JFK? Where to you land?

That’s just your personal preference. Both are welcome. 

We could be here all day. Back and forth on whether we can overlook all the downsides of Florida for all the vitamin C (is it D?). Will end up with a Hamlet-sized question of being and run around in circles. Go through the list, make changes, tailor it to your needs. But just remember one very important thing, “New York might be rough but at leas tit’s not a white supremacist wet dream.” 

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4 out of 5