Broad City Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Mushrooms

It’s high times in Broad City when Abbi and Ilana take the psychedelic rainbow train to Shroomtown.

This Broad City review contains spoilers.

Broad City Season 4 Episode 4

For the past few weeks Abbi and Ilana have been living their own lives, but in episode 4, the dynamic duo come back together to take a hand-in-hand stroll through an animated New York City. By god, it might have been the most visually beautiful piece of animated television that has ever graced the screen.  

Our ladies’ under-the-influence adventure gets interrupted when Abbi’s boss, Dara (Wanda Sykes), asks that she deliver some macarons to her house for a party. Everything almost goes perfect… until it mushrooms into a bad trip and a big miss for both our gals. Ilana almost gets the threesome of her fantasies with two hard-bodied dreamboats, but she keeps seeing an animated Lincoln everywhere she turns and can’t go through with it. Meanwhile, Abbi stays at her boss’ party and comes this close to having her big break at work… until she accidentally kills her boss’ cat—she smashes it in a door—and then gets fired. 

Before Broad City took its weeklong hiatus, the girls were on a path to self improvement and discovery. Ilana was learning new things about herself and allowing herself to feel emotion and be vulnerable. This week, didn’t have much of that, but Lincoln did manage to penetrate the trip. Giving Ilana heartbreak is an interesting shakeup in the Broad City universe. I am all #TeamLincoln, but I don’t think the architecture of Broad City can sustain that type of storyline. It will eventually get played out. Good news, it’s possible this was the last week of Ilana pining, but I am sure it won’t be the last of Lincoln. 

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There’s a lot to learn from the mind-altering adventures of Abbi and Ilana. So let them be your spirit guide though the psychedelic universe. Take notes, people. 

“Hen of the Woods are literally like WHUT.” 

Abbi and Ilana have bestowed upon you the importance of knowing your mushrooms. Not just your mushrooms but all the members of the fungal family. The more you can name the greater the hit you’ll be at parties. Shitake, Oyster, Chanterelle…

“BRB life.” 

Remember kids, drugs should never be used to check out from the road bumps of everyday like or the turmoil of reality. However, they have been known to temporarily cure millennial ennui. 

“Whistle, Tootsie pop, water, charger, pen, passports, dreamcatcher, backup dreamcatcher.” 

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Before you dive into your trip it’s important to pack the essentials. Of course, you do you. But Abbi and Ilana have prepared quote the starter kit and it’d be wise to take note.  Although, maybe an extra backup dreamcatcher. Or at least one of those Kabbalah bracelets.

“The dust ruffle is blowing as if in the wind but the window is shut.”

Pay attention to signs that your trip is setting in. You’ll probably want to know when the time’s come. A neat trick? Keep all the windows closed and see what happens. Actually, your windows should probably be closed anyway. 

“Love is cool.” 

Hoes before bros. And liquor before beer.

“Ever think about getting a bra for your butt?”

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Listen, you are going to have some great ideas. Ideas you would have never thought of sober let them in. Remember that pen in your bag? Use it! Mark Cuban is waiting for you. Go to him. 

“Isn’t it nuts that pickles were cucumbers? They’re the trans people of the vegetable community.”

Don’t forget to notice the little things in life. 

There you have it. You too can be guided through the mushroom fields with help of Abbi and Ilana.  Happy tripping, remember to hydrate. 


3 out of 5