Breaking Bad: Ozymandias, Review

In what may have been the single greatest hour of television our reviewer has ever seen, Breaking Bad broke hearts, shattered expectations, and continues to roar towards an epic series finale!

I cannot think of a single thing that I have ever watched on television that was as good as tonight’s episode of Breaking Bad. Of every television show, series finale, made for TV movie, television broadcast of major motion picture, sporting event, and award show, there is not a single thing that I can point to that kept me in such utter suspense and captivity. For the duration of “Ozymandias,” my mouth was agape in pure shock. Forget about Game of Thrones‘ infamous “Red Wedding.” Tonight, Breaking Bad created the most shocking hour of television. For the sake of my fragile sanity, I’m just going to talk about the episode in chronological order.

When the episode did not pick up right where we left off last week, in the midst of a shower of gunfire, I was initially pretty disappointed. I quickly noticed Walt’s hairdo and the familiar setting of the RV and realized we were watching a flashback. My disappointment turned to pure intrigue and appreciation. It was nice seeing the actors recall the characters that they started as. I especially found Aaron Paul’s performance in the scene funny. He’s able to prove in just a few goofy lines of dialogue how far Jesse has come. Then we get to view Walt and Skylar’s relationship as it once existed, which is interesting while watching but becomes far more compelling after comparing and contrasting the sweet phone conversation they share compared to their telephone conversation at the end of the episode.

Now let us have a moment of silence for Hank and Gomez. I thought Hank went out like a complete badass, and I wouldn’t have expected any less from him. I was almost as devastated as Walt. The look on Walt’s face as he cries out in agony and as the sound drains is just purely heartbreaking, as were many of the moments on tonight’s episode. Uncle Jack, in one swift move, has become scarier and more menacing then any Breaking Bad villain. He’s unpredictable like Tuco, but as ruthless and powerful as Gus, a truly dangerous combination. I have to say that Todd is pretty creepy as well, insisting with his formal tone that he’d like to question Jesse before they have him killed. All of this happened in the first twenty minutes of the episode and it was so intense and gripping that it easily felt like forty. When we returned from a commercial to find Walt rolling his barrel, I couldn’t believe that there was more of the episode left.

Jesse’s fate, ending up like a dog on a leash, rigged to cook as Todd’s prisoner is pretty unfortunate, but that’s not what I want to talk about. More impactful than being imprisoned, Jesse learns the truth about Jane. In the single handed most cruel and ruthless thing that Walt has ever done, Walt sneers to a helpless and defeated Jesse how he watched Jane choke and die while overdosing. At once, Jesse’s screaming and protesting turns to silent despair. I want nothing more now than for Jesse to get his revenge.

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Walt Jr. finally found out about his dad’s secret in another distressing moment. Finally RJ Mite gets to do some acting other than eating breakfast. When Flynn and Skylar return home to find Walt in a panic, things only get worse. The knife fight was definitely unexpected and vigorous and I was very glad to see Flynn step up and defend his mother. I thought Walt would go quietly, but no, he snatches baby Holly, in another devious move. When Walt later calls Skylar, he’s in full tilt, raving lunatic mode. He criticizes and spitefully shames his wife, and on the surface he sounds like detestable scum, but is Walt really just hamming things up because he knows police are listening and he’s trying to clear his wife’s name, saying how she never went along with his plans or knew anything? It’s something to think about. Walt’s tears, and his ultimate move in handing Holly back over, prove that he may still have some of a soul left, but what he did to Jesse is unforgiveable.

Walt rides off into the sunset for a new life, and usually at this point I’d be full of predictions, but honestly, I have no clue what to expect. I cant wait to just enjoy the last two hours.

The Best of the Rest

– “You’re the smartest guy I ever met and you’re too stupid to see that he made up his mind ten minutes ago.” – Hank, R.I.P.

– Todd explains his relationship with Jesse simply as, “we’ve got history.”

– Betsy Brandt, Marie, definitely brought her A-game for this episode, muscling Skylar in her office and then portraying pure and utter devastation. I really felt for her.

– “I TRIED TO SAVE HIM!” – Walt, with the ferocity of a man at the end of his rope.

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– “Tow the line, or you’ll end up just like Hank.” – Walt

– “You’re full of shit!” – Flynn

– The saddest moment may have come at Walt’s instance that he and those that he has hurt, “are a family.”

– There are definitely more loose ends than Walt, Jesse, and the tape Jesse made. What about Badger and Skinny Pete? They know a lot. Hope Uncle Jack doesn’t get our favorite junkies.

– No Saul sighting this week, he’s probably busy prepping for his new series. But the new show is a prequel, So Saul Goodman isn’t all good yet.


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5 out of 5