Bosch Season 7 Confirmed by Amazon, Set as Show’s Last

Amazon’s beloved crime series, Bosch, is officially set for a seventh and final season.

Bosch Season 7 has been announced by Amazon with the confirmation of a finish line set for the Titus Welliver-starring modern noir detective show, which launched back in 2014 as one of Amazon’s very first original offerings.

The preemptive season renewal for Bosch, which is currently on deck for a Season 6 premiere sometime this year on Amazon Prime Video, is par for the course, most recently exemplified by the platform’s announced order for said sixth season way back in November 2018 – well ahead of the April 19, 2019 arrival of Season 5, the most recent frame available. Indeed, with no date to cite yet for Season 6, the show’s ultimate swan song in Bosch Season 7 is likely far off on the horizon.

The series is the creation of Eric Overmyer, who adapted the prolific Harry Bosch novel series of Michael Connelly, which, having started with 1992’s The Black Echo, currently consists of 22 books, the most recent of which is 2019’s The Night Fire. Pertinently, Amazon has revealed that Bosch Season 7 will manifest as an adaptation of two books, 1994’s The Concrete Blonde and 2014’s The Burning Room, with Bosch (Welliver) and partner Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) tackling two separate murder investigations that will take them to “the highest levels of white-collar crime and the deadly depths of the street-level drug trade.”

As original author Connelly, who also serves as an executive producer on the series, expresses in a statement:

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“I’m proud of what we have accomplished with Bosch and look forward to completing the story in season 7.” He adds, “It’s bittersweet but all good things come to an end and I am happy that we will be able to go out the way we want to. This started seven years ago with showrunner Eric Overmyer and me writing the pilot. We plan to write the last episode together as well. We’ll leave behind the longest running show so far on Amazon and it will be there to be discovered by new viewers for as long as people are streaming. That is amazing to me. The other thing is that we would not have come all this way without Titus Welliver. There could not have been a better actor to play this role or a better team player to build this show around. He’ll be Harry Bosch for the ages.”

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Co-stars Titus Welliver and Jamie Hector are joined in the Bosch cast by Amy Aquino as Lt. Grace Billets, Madison Lintz as Maddie Bosch, Gregory Scott Cummins as Detective Moore, a.k.a. Crate, Troy Evans as Detective Johnson, a.k.a Barrel and Lance Reddick as Deputy Chief Irvin Irving, with 2019’s Season 5 having added Ryan Hurst as Hector Bonner, a rough P.I. under the employment of frenemy attorney Honey Chandler (Mimi Rogers) whose unconventional gumshoeing aided Bosch and company in their investigation.

As Amazon Studios COO and co-head of television Albert Cheng expresses:

“[Bosch] helped define us as a home for smartly written, captivating series.” He adds, “It has been a pleasure to work with Eric, Henrik, Michael, Pieter Jan, Dan, Titus and the entire Bosch team. We’re delighted that we get to spend another season with Harry Bosch and conclude this wonderful television series for our Prime Video customers.”

Bosch is a production of Fabrik Entertainment, developed for television by Overmyer, who also serves as an executive producer, joined in that capacity by author Connelly and star Welliver, along with Pieter Jan Brugge, Daniel Pyne, James Baker and Bo Stehmeier. As Fabrik CEO Henrik Bastin adds:

“I’m delighted that Bosch is returning for its seventh and final season. Producing Bosch has been an amazing journey, and my deepest gratitude goes to Michael Connelly, Eric Overmyer and executive producer Pieter Jan Brugge. It would have been impossible without their creative vision, talent and kindness. I feel proud knowing that we put everything we’ve got into the series and that we gave the fans all we had. I would also like to thank Amazon for their unwavering support and engagement from the very beginning of this project and throughout all seven seasons. Jen, Vernon, Marc, Albert and Brian, thanks! It has been a blast!”

Bosch Season 7 Release Date

Bosch Season 7 doesn’t have a release date set, and probably won’t have one for at least a year (probably longer than that, in all candor). In fact, as of this writing, Amazon has yet to even reveal a substantive date for 2020’s Season 6.

Of course, we’ll keep you updated on Bosch Season 7 as the news arrives!

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