Bitten: Vengeance Review

SyFy's ninth episode of Bitten continues to impress us and make us feel all wolf-y inside...

This week, Bitten definitely gave us an emotionally charged episode! Well, that is to say, more than usual and it’s usually filled to the brim with emotion! While being packed full of feels isn’t always the best, I think that in this case, it’s what made the episode. Bravo writers of Bitten! Where to start, though. I guess I should just do my best to go from start to end? In which case…

For the first bit of this week’s episode, we see everyone at Stonehaven practicing their fighting in pairs. And when I say everyone, I mean Jeremy and Nick, and Elena and Clay. Remember, Antonio and Pete are dead and Logan has firmly planted himself back in Toronto with his pregnant girlfriend. And speaking of people in Toronto, Phillip is still obsessing over the video and the still frame that shows Elena’s clothing and necklace folded, on the ground.

What bothers me about that is this: how the hell can he tell that it’s DEFINITELY the necklace he bought Elena? He’s looking at a clip shot on a cellphone, in the middle of the night, with only the light from the moon, displayed on a laptop screen. The chain is laying over a large portion of the pendant, and there is nothing special about the chain that would make it so that he’s able to distinguish it from any other necklace chain. And yet, the second he saw it, he immediately “knew” it was Elena’s. I would be much less critical of this point if they had decided to make it so that the combination of the sneakers, the necklace and the location is what made him so certain. He never mentions the sneakers, and while he talks about how Elena and Logan would have been running in the area that night, to me that’s too circumstantial. And if you’re going to approach the person you were told she was with that night, why question them if you aren’t going to believe their answer? Logan certainly could have come up with a better reason for why they would have gone skinny dipping, but it’s still a viable excuse either way. The picture of the pack that Rachel [Genelle Williams] gave Logan didn’t help matters though. Kind of shot the whole “just her cousin” thing out of the water. Whoopsie.

Speaking of Logan and Rachel though, good news on the baby front! Or, maybe not? Logan doesn’t seem so happy when he finds out that sex. And then, before they even have a chance to tell anyone about their bouncing baby bundle, a package addressed to Logan arrives on the doorstep. Tada! It’s an antique looking silver rattle with a note that says “It’s a bleep!” (I bleeped it out because I think it’s one of those things that’s important to find out by watching)… uh oh.

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Meanwhile, back in Bear Valley (which, by the way, is a real place in New York, though not where they describe it to be in the show), Sadist Man* decides that he’s going to go after Elena, against the expressed wishes of Santos, who is apparently the leader when Mr. Smarmy isn’t around. While a semi-healed Jeremy, Nick and Clay are searching an abandoned building for the pack’s ex-enforcer [Mackenzie Gray] (who has joined ranks with the Mutts now), Sadist Man (wow that sounds like a really bad superhero…) is chasing Elena around outside the building. For as much as this guy enjoys hurting people, you’d think he’d go for something more original than a gun. But no, he’s running around with (what appears to be) a glock. As usual, I don’t want to give too much away, but since I’ve been harping on this since the beginning, I figured it was important to mention: While hiding from LeBlanc (Sadist Man), Elena starts going through the change from human to wolf. Considering her precarious position, changing would be very bad and thus, she tries to calm herself and suppress it. During this, the graphics of the impending change are pretty damn amazing. They are definitely going above and beyond any other werewolf including show or movie that I’ve ever seen! See for yourself!

The only other thing that I have to say about this week’s episode is: uh oh Groupie Girl! I expected you to go crazy and end up dead, but I definitely didn’t expect THAT! Oh yeah, and expected sexy times are had, as usual. And either I missed something, or our man Clay** goes commando! *cue whistles and cat calls from the ladies*

So if you haven’t already, go watch, guys! This is definitely my favorite episode thus far!

*Apparently I forgot to mention this guy in my list of nicknamed characters. This is the first guy they turned after the club kid who ended up going splat. He has a previous record and is super sadistic. Like, BTK sadistic.

** Just a little side note that I couldn’t figure out how to fit in the body of the article: Remember how I mentioned in the pilot review that Clay [Greyston Holt] reminded me of Terry Bellefleur [Todd Lowe] from True Blood? Well there’s a specific scene in this episode that re-solidifies my conviction that these two are long lost brothers or something. While Clay is in his frenzied state trying to find Elena, his facial expression is pure Terry! It’s crazy how exact it is: The look in the eyes, the set of the mouth, the lines of tension. I swear it’s a mirrored image. Am I alone in this conviction? Has no one else noticed this phenomenon?!? (you can see a bit of what I’m talking about in the clip above)

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5 out of 5