Bitten: Trespass Review

Mutts and hunters and killings, oh my! Elena continues her hunt for normalcy on Syfy's Bitten. Don't we all?

And the Mutt strikes again on the latest episode of Bitten! Damn them Mutts! Okay, we do at least know his name now. It’s Scott Brandon (Marc Bendavid), in case you missed it. Either way, damn them Mutts! Well, let’s agree to only damn the one for now. We’ll talk about the rest later. No one wants to be a Muttist, now do we? And to be fair, he was kind of provoked by Elena (Laura Vandervoort) this time. Ever want to see what would happen if you locked a wild animal inside a warehouse turned rave club’s drop ceiling equipped office? I’ll warn you, it ain’t pretty!

“Trespass” focused a lot on the fact that Elena ultimately left the pack for moral reasons. We keep getting reminded that, as werewolves, the Danver clan has to do some more than morally ambiguous things in order to ensure their safety. Is a preemptive strike against someone who threatens your life acceptable? What if the threat was veiled like it might be if you were a werewolf? “I’m going to tell the world what you are!” It’s not a direct threat against your life, but it would most likely mean thousands of people hunting you. See? It’s not so easy to reason it all through, which is what I’m guessing made Elena choose to leave rather than have to figure it out. This episode we’re reminded of these things several times, including once when Clay makes the choice to suffocate a club goer that got attacked by the Mutt: He explains that because the kid was a heroine user, he would go through several days of pain and agony before dying because his body couldn’t handle the change. Clay obviously thinks he did the right and merciful thing, but Elena isn’t so sure.

“Trespass” had a lot less sexy time than the previous two episodes, which seems promising to me. Maybe the writers realize that gratuitous sex scenes (Monster’s Ball anyone?) don’t always a good episode make. So far they’ve been pretty important to the story, so I don’t mind them too much, I just hope they keep it that way.

With at least 4 known kills now, and one VERY public sighting, the pressure is really on the pack to figure out what to do. The local boys and girls in blue, along with a very large truck, disposed of the problem wolf child, but what if he was only acting on orders from an older wolf? Elena repeatedly said that he smelled like a newly made wolf, and when she confronts him in the club, we learn that he can’t control the change yet. That could very easily mean that someone intentionally turned him and then left him to figure it out alone. Could it be the particularly smarmy guy (Karl [Pascal Langdale]) that Nick, Pete and Logan meet at Nick’s recently acquired place of business? He’s got my vote, but it seems too easy that it be the first person they suspect. It could also be one of the redneck hunters that the pack found looking for the wolf on their property. Then again, it just so happens that the boys of the pack start asking questions and one of them ends up dead from a wolf attack, so unless the rednecks managed to get their very own wolf….. I won’t mention names because it’s something you have to see for yourself, but I will say that I was NOT even remotely happy about it!

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I’m still not completely sure about this show, but I’m waiting until I see more before making a firm decision. There are definitely pros and cons to this show and I think we’ll just have to ride out its infancy before we get to see its true colors.

And hey, does anyone else think that Clay (Greyston Holt) looks like he could very easily be True Blood‘s Terry Bellefleur (Todd Lowe)? A coincidence? Or maybe a foreshadowing? Or maybe I’m just fan girl obsessed with the awesomeness that was Terry Bellefleur…… I’m going to miss his particular brand of endearing crazy. Any-who, back to the “show at hand” sort of speak, I’ve said that I’m not sure where Bitten is going future wise: What do you guys think? Is this show going anywhere? What do you hope to see (whether you’ve read the books or not)? It should be noted that Syfy has moved Bitten‘s time slot from 10pm to 8pm, so be aware of that if you watch it live.

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3 out of 5