Bitten: Settling Review

SyFy's werewolves continue their efforts to keep the pack safe this week on Bitten.

Holy drams [dráh-mz], y’all! Where to start with this week’s episode of Bitten? I guess since last episode ended with Elena and Phillip having a little téte-á-téte, that’s where we should pick up. Needless to say, Elena’s little slice of Heaven in Toronto is starting to crumble under all the lies and deceit she’s been throwing around. Now, that isn’t to say that she was wrong for lying. Honestly, if put in that situation, I’m not sure I would have handled it any different or better than she did. That being said, can you blame Phillip for freaking out? And he doesn’t even know the half of it yet! But don’t worry, the poor boy will find out soon enough.

Now on to the Mutt drama: In this week’s episode, we get to see Mr. Smarmy for the first time in awhile. I was kind of hoping that he was gone, but seeing as it would’ve been unexplained, it was too good to be true. So there he is in all his smarmy glory, checking out Rachel at the gallery the morning/afternoon after Elena’s opening. Rachel happened to be on the phone with Logan with Mr. Smarmy Pants walked in and upon hearing his voice promptly freaked the eff out! Maybe it wasn’t the Little Twerp who sent the precious silver rattle to Logan and Rachel after all. Was that you, Mr. Smarmy? Unfortunately, Logan knows that where Smarmy goes, the rest of the Mutts are soon to follow. His solution? Run away. Run away fast and far! Rachel! Will you stop questioning the man?! If she had just taken his initial reasoning for booking a flight to Jamaica at the last second, they would be long gone before…

Back at Stonehaven, Jeremy is faced, yet again, with dealing with the curious Sheriff. This time, Sheriff Morgan comes packing heat via the FBI.  Between the wolf attacks and Braxton being murdered, if not on their property, then nearby and then dragged there. Luckily, even though Sheriff Morgan seems to act a bit suspicious of Jeremy, someone higher up (I’m assuming) has decided that the main suspect is actually Thomas Leblanc. That’s right; none other than.. wait… did I really never give this dude a nickname? Well then, I dub thee (Thomas Leblanc), The Sociopath (I’m pretty sure I’m not the first person to label him that, though)! But yeah, The Sociopath, before being turned into a Mutt by Little Twerp Santos, was a hardened criminal known for the rape and murder of many. Probably the first time his… dalliances… have actually HELPED someone! But of course, he’s nowhere near Stonehaven at this point. The Sociopath is still grudgingly riding the coat tails of Santos and Marsten in Toronto.

Elena, as much as she has messed things up, is trying to mend some rifts. After leaving the apartment to talk to Logan about how to handle everything, Elena instead ends up talking to a hysterical Rachel. Short story made shorter, with Elena’s urging, Rachel finally accepts that she needs to listen to Logan and get out. Having changed Rachel’s mind, Elena heads back to her and Phillip’s apartment. 

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And this is where everything converges:

Remember at the beginning of the article where I was explaining about how if only Logan and Rachel had left right away? This is where their story picks up. Right after Elena leaves Rachel and Logan’s, Marsten and Leblanc show up. Logan hides Rachel in the shower and, wisely, covers his tracks from the bathroom with a bottle of perfume. Remember folks, wolves depend a lot on their enhanced sense of smell, so the perfume was a wise move. Unfortunately, while Marsten checks out the lower floor of the home, Leblanc heads upstairs to snoop around. Marsten has an unfortunate run in with Logan downstairs that puts Marsten out of the game for the time being.

When Elena arrives back at the apartment complex, the doorman mentions that she “just missed her friends” and that he sent them up in the elevator. Friends? Uh-oh. The only elevator is still going up, filled with Mutts, and thus leaves Elena stuck in the Lobby. So she calls Phillip on the phone and tells him to get out of the apartment. Too late! In comes crashing Santos and Victor, intent on killing Elena and Clay.

Because this episode is so packed full of drama, I gave you guys more of a play by play that I usually do. I’m compelled to include a couple more things before leaving you to watch the episode and find out the rest: Clay is missing, Logan is injured, Phillip is hanging on to life by a thread, Marsten and Leblanc have run away and Elena has made her decision about the fate of her and Phillip’s relationship.

I want you guys to go watch the episode to find out what happens. There’s so much going on that even though I’ve elaborated on many of the events, there’s still several details left out that you need to see for yourselves. So go! Watch! Tell us here at Den of Geek US what you think of this, the second to last episode of Bitten‘s first season on air.

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3.5 out of 5