Bitten: Grief Review

From grief to anger to swearing blood vengeance, Bitten keeps us coming back for seconds.

When we tuned into Syfy for this week’s episode of Bitten, “Grief,” we find everyone at Stonehaven mourning Pete’s death and, of course, over-reactive Clay wanting to seek revenge. Totally understandable, dude: I thought Pete was awesome and I only knew him for three episodes! But you’ve got more pressing matters. Lucky for Clay’s vengeful side, turns out the raver Mutt wasn’t the one who killed Pete, so he just might be able to get his revenge without messing everything up.

Speaking of Clay and his emotions, he’s still chasing Elena’s tail (sometimes literally). Things seem to be working to his benefit though, as Elena is showing signs of softening to his advances. We even see them tussling around in wolf form. I won’t lie, I totally thought it was cute and was mildly saddened that it was such a short bit. It makes me wonder if they would end up having “pups” if it came to that. Hard to tell since each mythos is so different from the other and this one seems to have its fair share of contrasting elements. Maybe in this world, the child of two werewolves will come out completely human. But that’s kind of beside the point. Or is it?

In last week’s review, I mentioned Mr. Smarmy Pants (Pascale Langdale) and his possible involvement with the rogue Mutt. I don’t want to ruin anything for you but…. oh hell.. never mind SPOILER ALERT! Mr. Smarmy is definitely involved. We aren’t told quite how involved he is, but he’s caught red pawed, so to speak. I’m kind of glad that he’s not a good guy (unless they pull some switcheroo on us), but at the same time, did you have to be so predictable Mr. Smarmy Pants? Did you? And with the stereotypical meaty side kick too… To those of you who’ve read the books; is it like that in the original story?

I’m kind of wondering how far Elena can go before she has to explain things to her boyfriend. Unless they do that whole “you’re not telling me something” route in which they break up because she refuses to trust him. Ah, young love. I don’t get you crazy kids sometimes. Please don’t do that Syfy! I hate when that happens. If you live with someone and profess your love for them on a regular basis, shouldn’t you be able to tell them the truth? Let’s hope that in this case, she can tell him. Though I’m guessing that if they are perusing the romance line with Clay and Elena, that that may be where all of this is leading. Why, Syfy? Why? You need to have a talk with the writers! Oh god, I just had a flash of this turning a into Twilight style romance. Never mind, Syfy. Forget what I said about talking to the writers!

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Now let’s talk about clichés. I understand making their wolf forms have the same/similar color fur as their human forms, but if you’re going to go for werewolves that just look like really big arctic wolves, you should probably at least change their coloring to the closest natural wolf coloring you’d find in the wild. Just a suggestion. I will say, though, that they did an amazing job on the wolves’ eyes. They are nearly perfect in shape, size, coloring, etc. At least from my amateur point of view. I am a little peeved that I mentioned how awesome they did on the transformation scenes in the first episode and they haven’t really showed us any since. Come on guys! Don’t just avoid the subject! We live in a day and age where it’s very possible to show an amazingly detailed and well done human-to-wolf transformation. Let’s try it again, shall we? I think that, at least from my standpoint, it’ll really set Bitten apart from the other supernatural based series in a fantastic way. So many key visuals are left out of other shows and the inclusion of them in this show could really make it a hit.

I’m still somewhat on the fence about where this series will go. It hasn’t grabbed me by the seat of my pants yet, and I really think it could if they just made a few additions. Maybe another important female role? Okay, that’s asking a bit much this early on in such a series, but give us something! What about you, readers: What are you missing? What do you think would make Syfy’s Bitten even better? Or maybe you don’t like it at all and can think of many, MANY things to make better. Either way, leave us some suggestions, and maybe even a few kind words, in the comment section!

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3.5 out of 5