Bitten: Caged Review

Bitten's penultimate episode keeps the thrills and excitement coming while Creeper Guy gets exactly what's coming to him...

This week’s Bitten was, yet again, packed full of action and excitement. We see what the Mutts are doing with poor Clay. Logan and Rachel head back to Stonehaven at the same time that Jeremy and Nick are arriving in Toronto. Luckily, they eventually meet back at Stonehaven where Jeremy and Nick, somehow, ended up back at the estate before Logan and Rachel ever got there. Rachel being at the estate causes problems though. She has questions that can’t be answered, along with why exactly she couldn’t just take Logan to the hospital. Luckily for Logan, unlike when he tried to get her out of town, Rachel didn’t question his directions about where to take him. But what are they going to do now that Rachel is at the estate and is obviously dubious about what exactly is going on? Between that and her being pregnant with a boy, I think that Rachel is in danger, and she seems to realize this. Realize, but not understand.

Meanwhile, back in Toronto, Elena confronts Creeper Guy Olsen, as he returns to the scene of the crime: Phillip’s apartment. He really is so predictable in his perversion that Elena didn’t have to run into him there, she was waiting for him. Having the upper hand is always a good thing, but Elena definitely makes the most of it here. Mid-torture session, Elena’s keen hearing picks up on Phillip’s homecoming. When he sees her, Phillip is visibly scared and won’t let her come anywhere near him. Honestly though, the way that he “figured out” that the wolf in the video was the same wolf in his apartment is just ridiculous. You can’t tell the color of the wolf in the video, much less make out any other distinguishing characteristics. It’s like the whole thing with the necklace: he automatically “knew” that it was Elena’s. However, assuming that it’s not one of a kind, how the hell did he know for sure that it was hers? Phillip presents several holes in the Bitten story that bug me, but others might not notice as much.

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In her search for Clay’s whereabouts, Elena makes several questionable decisions: Did she have to kill anyone? Should she have killed everyone? Do the emotions behind her reasoning make her actions more or less reprehensible? Hard questions to ask and even harder questions to answer, especially for Elena with her previously stated hatred of killing. But her actions, how ever morally dubious, work as intended to free Clay and get him back to Safety at Stonehaven. Considering just how much the Little Twerp was going to town on Clay, he really isn’t that bad off by the time Elena reaches him. A little rest and recoup, and he should be up and about in no time. But will it be fast enough? Will he be back in fighting-form before the Mutts attempt another strike at the Pack?

As far as the rest of the ever dwindling pack goes, Logan is on the mend in Stonehaven’s infirmary, Nick is talking to Rachel about Logan and the pack by trying to calm her down, and Jeremy and Elena are in the kitchen/O.R. discussing Clay. During this conversation, Jeremy makes a startling admission to Elena: Clay didn’t ruin her life by biting her, he actually SAVED her life. I’ll leave it to you to watch the episode and find out just how he did this, but let me tell you this much, it’s a doozy! This revelation leads us to the closing scene of this week’s episode: Elena cuddled up against Clay in his sick bed.

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I don’t know about you guys, but this turn of events makes me happy. For most of the season, I felt bad for Phillip. Poor dude didn’t know what he got himself into, and it was only getting harder. He seemed like a caring, loyal, all around good guy. He seemed to really love Elena and wanted to make their relationship work. Maybe if Elena just told him what she was, he would be able to deal with it. Love overcomes all, ya know? But with his actions after “figuring out” that Elena was… different… he kind of lost my support. You’d rather believe that your girlfriend’s family is part of some new aged Mafia rather than knowing that she’s, in fact, a hybrid that just saved your life? I’m always the one rooting for the underdog, but I have officially moved over to “Team Clayton.” At least the only lie Clay told was one that he had to keep as not only a subordinate, but as a loyal son.

This episode leaves us with so many questions, which is understandable since next week (I promise this time!) is the season finale. I know they’re going to leave us hanging, but I sure hope that they at least answer a few of the dozens of questions they have left us viewers with. In the mean time, if you can’t wait until next week for more Bitten news and interaction, check out Space’s Bitten show page, Syfy’s Bitten area or for the most interactive fun, check out BittenTV’s Twitter feed. And hey, while you’re at it, check out my very own Twitter feed for random geeky tweets and retweets!

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4.5 out of 5