Big Hero 6 Episode 1 Review: Baymax Returns

In our spoiler free review we take a look at how the premiere carries on the heart and soul of the award winning film.

Big Hero 6 The Series Season 1 Episode 1

Like many of the Disney TV series of the 90’s, Big Hero 6 has some big shoes to fill. Not only does it have to come off a well beloved movie but it also has to expand the world and the characters in it. There’s a fear that in the transition to a series the whole universe will feel watered down. The tone won’t be right. It won’t capture the magic.

I can say without hesitation the hour long premiere of Big Hero 6 The Series feels like the sequel you’ve been waiting for since the first movie came out. The humor is there, the action is there, and most importantly the heart is there.

For anyone worrying that the death of Tadashi would be glossed over and forgotten it’s still very much a part of Hiro’s life. It isn’t a major focus of the plot but you do get a flashback of Tadashi and there are a few melancholy moments for Hiro throughout the premiere. It’s appreciated that the series isn’t glossing over the very real impact of losing a sibling.

The main plot of the premiere fleshes out the last three minutes of the movie to give more depth to not only how Hiro was able to reconstruct Baymax but also the team’s reluctance to go back into crime fighting. Turns out Wasabi, Go Go, and Honey Lemon didn’t think the whole superhero thing would be a permanent gig. Fred, of course, is the catalyst to get them all suited up again. 

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There’s a lot of promise in this opening story that all the characters will eventually get some much-needed focus. While the film couldn’t devote a lot of time to the full team the series can give individual focus episodes to everyone. Here the main focus is on Hiro and Fred, in their own ways trying to get life back to what they want it to be.

Hiro’s struggles to get Baymax back to his former poofy self lead to a lot of comical situations and give an indication to the series’ tone. If the premiere is any indication Big Hero 6 The Series will be a heavy mix of action and comedy. Before you worry that the whole thing will be pratfalls and fart gags, the jokes are whip smart and play off the characters personalities.

Fred’s desperate attempts to get everyone back into superhero mode plays on the tropes of genre perfectly but also has a few moments of him being bummed out when things don’t go his way. Hiro trying to ingratiate himself into college leads to some great sight gags and some hugs gone wrong (you’ll see what I mean.)

The transition from the CGI of the film to the 2D animation of the series takes a little while to get used to but by the end it flows perfectly. Honestly I was won over by Baymax’s movements. He’s just as adorable in 2D as he was in 3D. What more could you ask for?

Big Hero 6 The Series has the potential to be Disney’s best movie to TV series yet and that says something coming off true classics like the Aladdin and Hercules animated series (which the executive producers of Big Hero 6 The Series worked on).

If you were a fan of the movie you’ll feel right at home here. 

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Big Hero 6 The Series, debuts on Monday November 20th at 8:00PM EST on Disney XD and Disney Channel.

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5 out of 5