Better Call Saul: Nailed Reveiw

Jimmy is the one that ends up on trial in the penultimate episode of Better Call Saul season two! Read our thoughts here...

This Better Call Saul review contains spoilers.

Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 9

It’s starting to get difficult to root for Jimmy McGill. After last week’s little forgery job, Jimmy already came into this episode looking morally grey. Sure, Chuck spitefully powered through his “affliction” solely to stick it to Jimmy, but he reclaimed Mesa Verde fair and square. Jimmy not only doctored documents, but he did so under the guise that he was looking after his brother. As much as we want Jimmy to win, there’s no denying that this isn’t the right way.

Maybe I’m underestimating Chuck’s intelligence as much as Jimmy did, but I find it hard to believe that Chuck could so flawlessly identify Jimmy’s plot.  Regardless, Chuck essentially accuses Jimmy of every aspect of Jimmy’s plan, right down to Jimmy sneaking back into Chuck’s house in the morning to cover his tracks. Chuck is fuming and furious after the biggest professional embarrassment of his career, certain that he didn’t mistake 1261 for 1216 on Mesa Verde’s filings, and steadfast that it was all Jimmy’s fault.

Yet again, Kim steals the spotlight when she dismisses Chuck’s accusations, accosting Chuck for all of the years that he judged Jimmy and actively rooted against his success. She very firmly stands up for Jimmy, but once the two are back in Jimmy’s car after they righteously storm off, Kim doesn’t even need to ask to know Jimmy was in the wrong. She delivers a few choice blows to Jimmy, but then moves on. It’s interesting, I thought a move like this would be enough for Kim to distance herself from Jimmy, but surprisingly, she takes the brotherly betrayal in stride, only warning Jimmy that he better have covered his tracks later that evening.

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Moments after being reminded just how brilliant his brother is, Jimmy is out of bed and back on the street, traveling back to the 24-hour copy shop where he notices Ernesto already probing the clerk. When Ernesto leaves to bring Chuck back to the store, Jimmy makes his move and bribes the clerk Lance to cover for him. When Chuck finally arrives, Lance changes the story that he gave Ernesto and claims not to recognize Jimmy from a photo. Chuck’s rage and indignation coupled with his debilitating illness causes Chuck to go fuzzy, and as Jimmy watches on from the street, Chuck collapses and violently strikes his head on a nearby desk.

It’s a shocking cliffhanger that makes Jimmy look even worse in context. If the worst is to happen, and Chuck dies, this will be the second time that Jimmy’s scheming has indirectly resulted in the death of a family member. This sort of move would be huge for a the series and drastically change the status quo. A major death like this could certainly fuel a third season and put Jimmy in a decidedly darker place. With Kim knowing what she knows in this case, would she stand by Jimmy? And if a dead body ends up in the copy shop, will Jimmy’s cash be enough to keep Lance’s silence?

Meanwhile, Mike’s storyline offers up some questions as well. Using the makeshift spike strip that we saw him craft last episode, Mike’s takes out the Salamanca’s truck, stealing a quarter million hidden in one of the tires but Mike leaves the driver unharmed in the process. The decision to not pull the trigger tips Nacho off to the fact that Mike was involved. Nacho warns Mike that if Hector squeezes any information out of the driver that it’ll mean serious trouble. Mike is confident that the driver didn’t see anything, but viewers may have noticed that the driver saw Mike’s blue car right before he was knocked out. Do you think that the Salamanca’s will be able to trace the car back to Mike? Will they retaliate in a way that will force Mike to never take half measures again?

Next week’s season finale of Better Call Saul offers up plenty of potential for a climactic ending. Season two has been a fantastic experience that has deepened the characters and proven that there are a lot of interesting stories left to tell in this world.