Better Call Saul Created An Actual Free Will Baptist Church Website

The folks behind Better Call Saul have created a Free Will Baptist Church Website so now we can all free Huell Babineaux.

Now THIS is how you Easter egg, people.

The smart TV shows and movies know that if you introduce a phone number it had better be an actual line and not one of those annoying “555” deals. The really smart TV shows and movies, however, take things a step further. If you introduce a website on your show, that web address better work.

Well lo’ and behold! Straight from Better Call Saul‘s Albuquerque to our own world comes the Free Will Baptist Church website.

On Monday night’s instant classic Better Call Saul episode, “Coushatta”, Kim and Jimmy embarked on their most ingenious scheme yet. To spook the prosecutor’s office and get Huell Babineaux off on his charges of punching a cop, Jimmy traveled to Louisiana, forging letter after letter on the way and even paying fellow bus passengers to write letters as well – all posing as parishioners of Free Will Baptist Church supporting their beloved Huell Babineaux.

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Of course the first thing the prosecutor did when receiving all of these letters was to Google this church. The site she discovered is the very same site we now get to explore. There’s a lot of fun stuff happening on these pages. First and foremost it just looks like it’s from 2005 when the show takes place and has accidentally been left up ever since.

The Home Page has a big “DONATE” button for Huell’s legal troubles. You can actually click on that and it will direct you to the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana, which per AMC is a cause chosen by the Better Call Saul producers. The rest of the site isn’t that interactive but does have some fun little Easter eggs hidden on its scant five pages.

The Testimonials to Mr. Babineaux’s good nature obviously sound quite familiar and of course we’ll recognize the evening-centric calendar because as reverend Blaise Hanford points out the older parishioners like to pray before they go to bed.

What an incredible effort by Jimmy and his college AV Club companions to make this work. Little did he know that he could have just had Breaking Bad fans send in letters of support for Huell one day.

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