Attack on Titan: The Christa-Ymir Relationship

The voices behind Attack on Titan's Christa and Ymir took to Tumblr Answer Time for a Q&A session with the fans.

As the Attack on Titanfandom goes through a content dry spell, two of the beloved anime’s English dub voice actresses took to Tumblr Answer Time to address questions directly from fans.

Bryn Apprill, voice of Christa Lenz/Historia Reiss, and Elizabeth Maxwell, voice of Ymir, discussed a number of topics ranging from what they do to get into character, their take on Christa and Ymir’s relationship, and more!

Perhaps the highlight from the Q&A session is about the canonically confirmed romantic relationship between Christa/Historia and Ymir, which Maxwell states that she “ONE THOUSAND PERCENT” ships. Going into further detail in another answer, she said that she hopes such an unambiguous, non-sexualized lesbian relationship “will have an impact that echoes far into the future and influences the types of characters and relationships that we see represented in anime to come!” and that, “I really do think it is a harbinger of the times, and a really wonderful example of how society and and perceptions are changing, even if it seems painfully slow sometimes.”

She went further to praise Attack on Titan‘s treatment of female characters in a space where they’re often objectified for fan service purposes, stating that one of her favorite aspect about the show has been its ability to tell a great story and have “successfully strayed away from sexualizing anyone – not only Ymir and Historia’s relationship, but also Mikasa as the heroine.”

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Her co-star Apprill concurred, adding that she was “excited to see that some of the strongest fighters are women.” She went on describing how pleased she was by the anime’s way of normalizing the homosexual relationship in an industry where LGBTQ relationships are practically invisible. “It isn’t the ‘unicorn’ that these relationships sometimes ends up being for some shows,” she said. “I think we will be seeing this a lot more in the future, possibly even pretty soon as we have already seen a few shows these past couple years with similar relationships.”

You can check out the full Q&A at the Tumblr blog of ClexaCon, a media and entertainment convention for LGBTQ women and allies. 

Attack on Titan season 3 is expected to be released in July 2018. Be sure to bookmark our hub for all the latest news!