Archer: A Debt Of Honor Review

Pam ripped off the Yakuza for $1 million worth of amphetamines. This is so obviously going to end well for them.

Pam’s in deep, deep, deep trouble. Addicted to cocaine (and probably just about any other narcotic that will come her way this season), her life should be an angelic cloud of white powder in the wind, but alas, she’s in the care of her Archer Vice co-stars, who want her to stop. What is a ravenous, new addict to do? How about rip the Yakuza off for $1 million in amphetamines! Jackpot. This is going to be a good one. For “A Debt of Honor,” Archer Vice has for the second time in a row found itself looking backward. This week it’s at Season 3’s seventh episode, “Drift Problem.” For those in need of a refresher, Pam Poovey tried to help Sterling recover his stolen car (Mallory was the real culprit) from her old underground racing pals: the Yakuza mob, aka the transnational Japanese crime syndicate that even puts shudders through protagonists of a Tarantino movie. Pam said it best tonight when Mallory whined if the Hell’s Angels were busy during those street racing glory days: “Busy being pussies! You know. Relatively. When compared to the deadly and terrible Yakuza.” After Sterling let $1 million worth of Colombian pure slip through his fingers for a passionate kiss (worth it), all the Isis gang is left with is some “monopoly money” and an ever dwindling supply of bullets for the few guns the Feds didn’t seize. Ergo, while everyone else argues about how to launder that cheap counterfeit from Miami, Pam solves the problem by buying her way into a new addiction at the expense of a an animated sect of Yakuza so fearsomely awesome that their leader is voiced by the great and mighty George Takei. When you screw over George Takei, it is judgment day. Despite Cheryl trying to barter for Pam’s life with millions of her dirty Tunt dollars, all the Yakuza want is Pam’s head. So, the Isis gang gets locked and loaded with Cheryl’s grandfather’s turn-of-the-century hunting weapons for the best throwdown finale this side of Gator. “Debt of Honor” is one of those special kinds of episodes that can only be achieved on Archer. Mixing drug humor, culturally insensitive terminology (“gross and Chinesy!”), and mundane non-sequiturs, like Ron and his ever successful Cadillac dealership, it is a potent cut that only Adam Reed and his deviant cartel of writers could distill so properly. I especially liked how this episode began what should be only the first layer pulled back from the onion of twisted Tunt Family history. For example, did you know that Cheryl’s great uncle built his own underground railroad tunnels to CAPTURE runaway slaves? In New York. In 1890. By the end of this season, with all the Isis gang living under the same Tunt roof, I expect every crevice of that house to be thoroughly explored. Speaking of the Isis gang though, it would appear that Ron is not going to be amongst them for very much longer. Shot during the Yakuza assault upon stately Upper Eastside manor, he was rushed off via the underground passageways to the nearest hospital. Sure, he may be alright by the end credits, but Ron seems fairly peevish and standoffish to Mallory this week (his first appearance of the season). It likely hurt that he didn’t realize when he proposed to her that she’d find a second career in international cocaine dealing, but we all have our little quirks. Then again, he’d best get off this train before he becomes a permanent floor model. However, Pam is here for life. Whatever Season 5 holds for Archer, it is evident that Pam’s little drug hobby is in about as much danger of walking out of their lives as Ray’s legs. Considering in two weeks of riding the Stardust, she’s given Archer a concussion and brought the Yakuza mob to their doorstep, I’d say the opportunities are near limitless for where they will take the Archer MVP next. Maybe they’ll actually make money too at some point? QUOTES FROM THE DAAAANGGGGER ZOOOONE: -MALLORY: Cyril, go lock up the product before Coke-y monster here gobbles it all up, and Ron take me to lunch.RON: It’s 8:30 in the morning!MALLORY: A bar then, whatever! -PAM: So, why’d he build a bunch of tunnels?CHERYL: To capture runaway slaves and sell them back to their rightful owners.PAM: ….Wow.CHERYL: And I want to say his plan was to dress as a ghost…. -ARCHER: Jesus, Ron, man up. I’ve been shot…Holy shit, 26 times? Can’t be good for me. I mean in gangster movies, they’re always like “he got a bad case of lead poisoning, see.” I mean, think about it, every bullet’s gotta’ leave at least a tiny bit of lead residual in your body, right? Shit. By the time I’m 60, I bet I’ll be as mad as a goddamn Hatter. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all news updates related to the world of geek. And Google+, if that’s your thing!


4.5 out of 5