American Dad Season 8 Episode 9, “The Adventures of Twill Ongenbone and His Boy Jabari”

Roger has dawned many disguises, but an archeologist?

On last night’s episode of American Dad, “The Adventures of Twill Ongenbone and His Boy Jabari”, Steve is given a school assignment that requires him to interview his father, Stan. Meanwhile, conflict arises between Roger and Francine when Francine tries to teach Roger a lesson about the importance of earning rewards and working hard.

Steve tries to interview Stan, but Stan doesn’t respond to Steve’s questions. At first, he just refuses to answer, so Snot recommends that Steve call his dad, as he is more likely to speak over the phone. Steve takes Snot’s suggestion and pure hilarity ensues. Stan answer’s Steve’s call, but veers off topic, completely ignoring Steve’s questions. Stan talks about how he is unable to satisfy Steve’s mother sexually, in an awkward conversation fit only for animation. Unfortunately for Steve, Stan is on speakerphone, so a room filled with Steve’s friends gets to listen in on the call and as Steve’s fat friend has him pinned to the floor, Snot asks Stan to talk about Francine’s breasts and he describes them in great detail.

There is no resolution to Steve’s problem. When it comes time to present his project in front of the class, Steve says his Dad wouldn’t cooperate. Steve’s teacher doesn’t believe him, so Steve stages a live phone call in the front of the classroom so his teacher and the entire class, can hear how Stan talks to Steve. On the call, Steve asks his father who was president when Stan was a kid, but Stan says “Yeah, I think about killing myself from time to time,” and then continues to rant about suicide. Steve’s teacher then jumps out of the window and commits suicide, himself.

Conflicts between Steve and Stan are always memorable. The dynamic between the two is similar to that of Red and Eric Foreman on That 70‘s Show, where the father is always aggravated and the son is always trying to win his approval. The major difference between the two shows is the level of comedy, though; you can achieve a lot more ridiculousness in animation than you can on live-action shows, of course.

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Meanwhile, Francine is attempting to show Roger the importance of hard work, after Roger fakes his way to an archeology diploma. First, Roger tells Francine that he is going to run a marathon to earn a ribbon, but he cheats there also. Then, he hires a group of actors to create the illusion that he has successfully uncovered a hidden tribe in an archeological dig. The plan falls apart and Francine discovers it was all a ruse.

American Dad put on another successful episode. The show continues to be over-the-top funny: ridiculously silly humor at its best.

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