Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Reveals Anthony Michael Hall Role and Others

As Agents of SHIELD season 6 continues its space storyline, Anthony Michael Hall's character takes a villainous shape.

When Agents of SHIELD season 6 was still in production it was announced that Anthony Michael Hall would be joining the cast, but nothing was shared about what role he would play. Now, Marvel has revealed that Hall will play an antagonist in the deep space storyline in which Fitz finds himself on a casino planet being charged with time-related crimes by a team of Chronicom hunters.

Hall will play none other than Mr. Kitson himself, for whom the casino planet is named, and the press release describes him as “the fiendish ruler of an alien empire.” Based on the character portrait at the top of this article, Hall almost looks like a crime boss, and given the turn of events on his namesake planet in “Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson,” he likely will not be happy that his prisoners accused of cheating are being “liberated” by the Chronicom hunters.

The announcement also included details about a new Chronicom character being played by Sherri Saum of The Fosters. Saum’s character is named Atarah, and she is described as “aggressive” in terms of wanting something from our intrepid team of Terrans from SHIELD who have the unlucky cirscumstance of having run afoul of the law while in deep space trying to rescue Fitz.

Although we don’t know when Mr. Kitson or Atarah will appear in Agents of SHIELD, a separate press release announced that executive producer and showrunner Maurissa Tancharoen, whom Den of Geek recently spoke to about season 6, will appear in front of the camera in a guest role in this week’s episode on May 31, 2019 entitled “Code Yellow,” which also promises to catch up with Jeff Ward’s character from season 5, Deke, who himself is even more displaced from time.

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