Agents of SHIELD Season 5: What to Expect

When Agents of SHIELD Season 5 premieres in December, where will it take us?

At New York Comic Con, fans got to see a preview of Agents of SHIELD Season 5.  

“We are seven, eight episodes in to what feels like a tremendous season to us,” Clark Gregg, told the Marvel faithful in New York. “We’re the little engine that could and we keep just getting better and better and better. And on our show, our family keeps getting bigger and more diverse.”

Gregg was not alone in New York as the entire Agents of SHIELD cast joined him and brought the Marvel love to the stage along with head of Marvel television Jeff Loeb. And what better way to kick off season five of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD then by showing the NYCC crowd 20 minutes of the first episode?

We don’t want to spoil it for you, so we’re going to hit you with some takeaways from what we saw. These are mostly spoiler free, but if you want to go in blind, now is the time to click away.

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Okay, here we go…

There might be more to it than just SHIELD in space

When last we left Coulson and company, they were seemingly stuck in outer space. There might to be more to it than that because in the footage we saw, there were kind of hints of some temporal displacement as well. Time travel in the MCU? Could be.

It’s not SWORD

When fans saw that Phil Coulson was aboard a starship or satellite last season, many fans predicted that this could be the coming of SWORD into the MCU. For those not in the know, in the comics, SWORD is SHIELD’s space division. In the footage at NYCC, the agents briefly discuss the idea of a SHIELD division in spaaaaaaaaace, but quickly dismiss it. So…no SWORD, you guys. Sorry.

What about Aliens?

The footage we absorbed was clearly inspired by the original Alien as the first moments of SHIELD’s space adventure was fraught with claustrophobia and intensity. While sparse and simple, the new set designs of the interior satellite or spaceship that our agents find themselves aboard are memorable and effective (unlike the set designs of another Marvel show that shall remain nameless. Here’s a hint, it rhymes with Pinbumans).

There’s also a new terrifying critter that makes its debut on the premiere of Agents of SHIELD. I won’t spoil it here, and frankly, I can’t if I wanted to because I totally didn’t catch the name of the species. But it’s not Brood or Skrull so don’t get too excited.

Other than the mystery aliens, there are other humans on the mysterious ship as well and these folks have a very unique view of our agents.

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What about our Favorite Agents?

– The early minutes of the footage we saw reminds us that when Agent Mack hits someone, they stay hit.

– One of the original Agents of SHIELD does not wake up with the other agents which makes me very worried.

– Yo Yo Rodriquez is a series regular now, and her interactions with the other Agents is natural, flowing, and fun. Especially Mack, and I will now officially ship them as Mo Mo.

They’re Not Alone

One of the humans on board is a mysterious stranger who wears a mask very similar to the X-Men character known as Xorn. Now, we know it can’t be Xorn, so who is this space dude? Speculation begins now

Clark Gregg will direct an episode this season.

“It was really generous,” Gregg said. “Marvel knew I did some indie films so they kept asking me to direct, which just seemed overwhelming. But this year, they teed it up perfectly. It’s a trust exercise… this amazing crew with the VFX…it’s just an amazing episode. It’s going to be episode six.”

“It was awesome,” Chloe Bennett aka Skye aka Daisy Johnson aka Quake added. “He brought so much comedy and it was just amazing.”

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And with that, we will let Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD speak for itself when the series returns to ABC with a two hour premiere on Friday, December 1st.

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