Agents of SHIELD: Exclusive Clip Brings Unwanted Confession

In this exclusive clip from tonight’s Agents of SHIELD, Mack receives a visit from Agent Keller that both were likely dreading.

When Agents of SHIELD returns tonight for the episode entitled, “Code Yellow,” the story shifts back to Earth where everyone is preparing to follow up a new lead in the pursuit of Sarge and his group of dimension hoppers. But for some members of the team, there may be more to worry about besides why a stranger is wearing the face of Philip J. Coulson. In the exclusive clip below, for example, Mack receives an important visit from Agent Keller about a possible breach of protocol.

Viewers already know that the bond between Mack and Yoyo has deteriorated over the past year because of his new leadership role, but it appears that Yoyo has no intention of waiting on the sidelines for the beleaguered director of SHIELD and has instead forged a connection with the charismatic Agent Keller. Thankfully, the writers have chosen not to draw out the love triangle, and in this scene, Keller decides to come clean with the boss about fraternizing with his fellow agent.

Interestingly, it appears that Mack not only already knows about the “hypothetical” relationship, he has no interest in discouraging it. Is it because he’s in denial about Yoyo finding a new soulmate, or does he perhaps remember how he, too, once broke SHIELD protocol in carrying on a relationship with a colleague? In either case, he likely figures the team can’t afford the distraction of dealing with rules about fraternization while they’re in the middle of a crisis, which highlights his level-headed style of leadership quite nicely.

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Although Yoyo appears to understand what just happened before she walked in the room, she doesn’t seem too terribly bothered by whatever may have been disclosed, and it’s nice to know that they all trust each other however awkward the situation may be. To see the aftermath of this encounter, be sure to tune into Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season 6 episode 4, “Code Yellow,” tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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