24 season 7 episode 22 review

Has 24 come to an end, two episodes early?

So our target is Washington Central Station for the Terrorists. Of course as usual they need to tinker with their explosive toy first (See! Didn’t I point this out a few hours back! Terrorists ask for custom made weapons, and then they have to tinker with them so the episodes time can be extended! Urgh!).

Tony continues to do his bad guy thing pretty well. A shame really he wasn’t a villain throughout the show as he’s good at it. He sends his poor victim into the train station to board a train – of which a bomb will also be placed.

HUGE CLICHÉ ALERT: The poor brave bastard tries to warn transit authorities, and low and behold the guy there just happens to be on the bad guy’s team! Come on! This little excursion can’t be that well organised.

I wonder what all the other regulars are upto this week?

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Jack hasn’t tortured or shouted at someone for info in a whole hour, so yup he’s at it again.

* Olivia has her panic attack over Hodges assassination.

* Aaron is looking for Oliva.

* Kim stuck at airport..for..hmm a couple of hours delay?

Jack then miraculously finds Tony, knocks him off the road and literally within seconds has grabbed him and squeezed his neck until he goes unconscious and then dismisses him as a piece of crap. I did say that Tony was never capable of taking down Jack in a fight and that he barely lasts.

You just kind of want a bit more than this. Is nobody out there big and smart enough to take Jack on or out smart him? Not Tony.

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Tony did manage to smash his little device thingy we never really knew he had on his person so as to set up the next clue for Jack the reliable bloodhound to follow up on. It’s broken now of course, but Jack has it sent to Chloe! No doubt it will hold some thread of information that will lead them somewhere within the next hour. Right about now I’m considering a bathroom break (and I can just pause this if I want to do so, but I’m tempted to just leave it running as I seriously doubt I’m going top miss much).

Chloe and Janice try to out geek each other. Why doesn’t someone slip a grenade between the pair of them and end our pain once and for all?

Tony gets pummelled by Jack for information but of course won’t give anything over. And as much as Jack gives him the broken hearted look, he sees that Tony’s heart got broke for good long before. Two men with nothing to lose?

The bomb is of course located and Jack manages to save the Patsy and the bomb is set off in a contained unit. So with that clear there is nothing but loose ends to tie up? Plenty of bad people out there, not much left to go on now. But even the baddies don’t have a plan anymore? What on earth is the show gonna do for the last two hours and change.

Ah yes! Kim was at the airport, being spied on by someone…turns out he’s under Jack’s order to make sure she is ok. Kim of course seeks the solace of the people who are actually going to do some harm on her.

Aaron being no one’s fool knows about he wiring of a Chief of Staffs room (convenient) and he contacts Ethan Kanin to see if he’ll help him out.

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Jack is then contacted by Tony’s female cohort who proves that she can have some harm done to Kim unless Jack springs Tony. I don’t know how many times Jack has been forced to do the bad guys bidding in order to save his daughter or others, but he seems to get away with it.

I think next time I’ll just make a list of the cliches and just put ticks next to the ones that are in the show. You can use that as a guide to what kind of hour it was that week…