24 season 7 episode 21 review

The clock is ticking on the end of 24, but at least this episode serves up some drama...

So Tony has taken a coupe of poor students hostage and forces his target to read a statement to camera in order to frame him for the atrocity Tony’s team are about to commit.

Jack starts to profile people in order to hunt him down. Janice still hasn’t learnt to stop being a pain in the ass, despite the good yelling Jack gave her last week. Jack’s condition also starts to worsen.

And then BANG! We get one of the few genuine dramatic moments this season has had to offer us. And surprisingly it comes from Chloe. Having just heard that Jack is dying she confronts him in a tender moment, and whilst Jack whispers away whilst injecting himself, we see a trembling Chloe watch on and tears start to flow down her face. It’s a beautiful moment.

They manage to work wonders by nailing the right lead, because some sloppy ass bad guy’s paperwork shows right up on the old CTU system. How convenient. The problem here is that they detect the guy for having a large money transfer put into his account. Yet they are framing him up as a suicide bomber of sorts. Why would a suicide bomber need a large transaction of money to go ahead with his plan? It’s a shamefully quick set up that the writers clearly didn’t think through.

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Olivia works her new shifty plan to have Hodges assassinated by her shifty friend played by the always reliable Leland Orser. Jack gets to shout at another unhelpful person whilst trying to find the address of the suspect. Tony makes the guy he’s using convince his brother that he is a terrorist. This scene was actually pretty good. Olivia then tries to cancels her plan after a quick call of conscience. But as Hodges is on his merry way to the WPP his car goes Boom! Of course Olivia fills her underwear when she finds out. And Aaron is there to see her.

Jack and co get to the right destination. There’s some mini action leaving the only living suspect on the brink of death. How exciting. Will he now spill his guts on everything to Jack so there is another lead to follow next week? And next week it looks like Tony seems ready to blow up a train!

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